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Design a Cylinder

Design a cylinder can of volume 1000cm^3 so that it uses the least amount of metal. Show that h=2r, where h is the height of the cylinder and r is its radius.


Conversion, quantitative, geometry

Take a coffee mug (dimensions:height=10 cm, diameter=7cm). Make it 100 times bigger, and turn it into an unrelated object. Label your drawing and give it's dimensions.


Cost of construction of triangular prism.

A hollow equilateral triangular prism has a fixed volume of 1.8 cubic metres. The sides of the triangle have the length P. To build the prism, one of the triangular faces costs 1.2 times what the... more


Can you figure out the surface area in square feet using the midpoint rule?

Use the Midpoint Rule to estimate the surface area (in square feet) of the golf green shown in the figure. 


Can you find the area of the region?

y = x-2 /x


HELP, Please! Math :open ended explain

What is the surface area and volume of the sphere shown below?


Calculate the surface area of a cone where p=7.87, q=9.38, and r=5.10

calculating the surface area of a cone. Geometry.


Plz plz plz help I'm confused

Two right triangles are similar. The base of the larger triangle is 4 times the size of the base of the smaller triangle. The height of the larger triangle is 16cm. The area of the smaller triangle... more


Area of problem below

width is 9 4/5 and length 5 3/4 what is the area


Help,Please! Extra math help

 shown below has diameter  which intersects  at point and the measurements shown. Calculate the following measures:


Help, Please! Math ...

 is an equilateral triangle with side length 23 in. What is the area of the shaded segment? Round your answer to the nearest hundreth.


Finding Area word problem

How many square feet are in the largest circle that can be cut from a piece of carpet 10 yards by 7 yards?


please answer as soon as possible

Rectangle A has a length of 60 inches and a width of 50 inches. Rectangle A has the same area as rectangle B, but has different dimensions. The width of rectangle B is 20% shorter than the width of... more


minimize ammount of paper used

A rectangular page is to contain 8 square inches of print. The margins at the top and bottom of the page are to be 2 inches wide. The margins on each side are to be 1 inch wide .Find the dimensions... more


D(-3,1)E(-3,3) F (2,3) find the the perimeter and area

Please help and explain easily so I get this :)


Area and perimeter

Henry’s patio is in the shape of a rectangle. He drew the given mode of his patio. He said the perimeter of the patio is 48 feet. He know that one side is 9 feet wide. How many feet long are all... more


(Hint: Think about rolling a rectangular piece of paper into the shape of a cylinder.) Discuss your approach and why it works.

In this unit, you calculated the surface area of solid figures composed of polygons, such as rectangles and triangles. But imagine finding the surface area of a cylinder—a solid figure that has... more


Please help me solve this :(

If side P = 8cm, Q = 7cm and side R = 5cm. So the area of the triangle is?


VAVA Geometry HELPPP lol

A triangle has an area of 36 cm². The base and height are scaled by a factor of 5.What is the area of the resulting triangle?


Find the volume V of the solid obtained by rotating the region enclosed by the graphs

Find the volume V of the solid obtained by rotating the region enclosed by the graphs of y = e−x, y = 1 − e−x, and x = 0 about y = 2.5.


Find the area by the given curves

Using the given region enclosed by the given curves find the area. y=2/x, y=8x, y=x/8, and x>0
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