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Trigonometry — Finding the area of a polygon inscribed in a circle

A regular nonagon is inscribed in a circle with a radius spanning 5 cm. Find the perimeter of P and area A of the nonagon.


z score in statistics

Find the Z score that most closely corresponds to an area of 0.379 on the left.


Area/volume geometry word problem

A right square prism four feet tall drops snugly through a ten inch square hole. The contents of the prism must be transferred to a right circular cylinder that must barley fit through the same... more


Find the area bounded of the following curve.

y= x2 - 4x and y= -x2 + 2x


Please show solution po :(

Find the area bounded of the following curve.y=x2 - 1 , y= -x+2 , x=0 , x=1


Expressing area of an rectangle in polynomial standard form

The width is 5+X and the length is x+6


Equilateral Triangle Area

The height of an equilateral triangle is 98 ft how do I solve


Algebra Homework help

Question: You have a rectangular prism ( with square bases) of cheese. You slice it diagonally in half. The length of the cheese is represented by the equation -5x2+3x+2=0. You also know that the... more
Area Circle Radius


How much does the area of the original circle increase?

A circle has a radius of A meters. If the radius doubles,how much does the area of the original circle increase?


Geometry/math problem

How much of the field is being watered ?-It's a rectangle-it's 92 circles inside-diameter is d=50ftarea of the rectangle (550ft x350ft=192,500) minus the area of the circle,then divide.
Area Math Calculus


Help me out ! Calculus question

Find the  area inside the outer loop and outside the inner loop of the limacon r = 4 sin θ - 2


Algebra homework help

I got tired of building octagons, and had to get back to my remote learning classroom, so I hired a guy named Bill to build the next octagon. This octagon has a perimeter of 32 meters. To add some... more


Math problem help!!

A ladder is 4.0m long. The bottom of the ladder is placed 0.8m from the wall l. How high up on the wall will the ladder reach?please show work to help me! Thanks
Area Math Algebra


i need help on this math problem

B = 1/2 b h = 1/2 (8) (3) = 12ft v= bh ( x ) ft = ft3


Algebra homework help

Tammy, working alone, could clean one-half the area in one hour. Her partner, Melissa, working alone, could clean one- third of the area in one hour. If they work together, how long will it take... more
Area Math


math question about area

A flat, 1 inch-wide rectangular picture frame surrounds a photo that is 5 inches wide and 7 inches tall. What is the area of the picture frame?


Area of a hexagon

What's the area of the hexagon if A is 10 inches?


Quadrilateral ABCD Area??

The lines 2x+y=6 and x+y=10 together with the x-axis and y-axis are drawn pn a coordinate grid to form quadrilateral ABCD. What is the area of quadrilateral ABCD



A line with slope equal to 1 and a line with slope equal to 2 intersect at the point (4,6). Points Q and R are both on the x-axis. What is the area of triangle PQR?
Area Geometry


Geometry Help for Diagonals and Area

In a certain rectangle, a diagonal has a length of  The perimeter of the rectangle is  Find the area of the rectangle.


Design a Cylinder

Design a cylinder can of volume 1000cm^3 so that it uses the least amount of metal. Show that h=2r, where h is the height of the cylinder and r is its radius.


Conversion, quantitative, geometry

Take a coffee mug (dimensions:height=10 cm, diameter=7cm). Make it 100 times bigger, and turn it into an unrelated object. Label your drawing and give it's dimensions.
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