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Why does 2(5x*3y) have different answers when solved differently?

If you multiply the inside first, you get the following:2(5x*3y)2(15xy)30xyOn the other hand, if you multiply each by 2 first, you get this:2(5x*3y)10x*6y60xyWhy does this happen if everything is... more


If the average of two positive integers is 11 and their product is 40, what is their sum?

F. 24G.22H.10J.8K.None of the above
Shsat Math


Math homework problem help

Twelve more than a number x is less than three times the number. Which of the following inequalities best represents this information?a. 12+x>3xb. x+12<3xc. 12x<3xd. x+12>3x


A jogger completes one lap around a circular lake with radius = r. Another...(Go to Description)

A jogger completes one lap around a circular lake with radius = r. Another jogger completes one lap around a lake with a radius = r + 4. How much farther does the second jogger run?   F) 8 G)... more

If m^2 - n^2 > 0 and m + n < 0 , which of the following MUST be true? ~ (Answer choices are in Description!)

A) m - n > 0 B) n - m > 0 C) n - m < 0 D) m - n < 0 E) n2 - m2 >0

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