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Stuck on a density = mass / volume equation

A chemist encounters an unknown metal. They drop the metal into a graduated cylinder containing water, and find the volume change is 3.2 mL. If the metal weighs 2.3 g, what is the density in g/mL... more


calculating mass/volume at STP

1) What is the mass of 75.0 L of methane gas (CH₄) measured at STP?2) What volume, in liters, will be occupied by 48.8 g of helium gas at STP?3) What volume, in liters, at STP, is occupied by 3.30... more


Physics Question- Momentum and Impulse

A 52 kg girl rides on a 2.6 kg skateboard. The girl on the skateboard moves at 1.3 m/s. If the girl jumps off the skateboard backwards with a velocity of 1.6 m/s, how fast does the skateboard roll... more


What is the mass in grams

What is the mass in grams of 4.2 moles of water ?
Mass Chemistry


Chem: when mass changes

Explain what it means for mass to change.
Mass Chemistry


Chem: change in mass

Explain what it means to have a change in mass.
Mass Chemistry


Chem: change in mass

Explain what it means to have a change in mass.


Chemistry Indiana Jones HMWK

A quantity of sand has a mass of 1200g and a volume of 750cm^3. What is the density of sand?Correct Answer: 1.6 g/cm^3 (which I got) the part I’m confused on is as follows......The volumes of sand... more


A Density Question for Chemistry

A gold statue has a volume of about 1.5L. How many cm^3 is thismy answer: 1,500cm^3 = rounded to 1 significant figure is (2,000cm^3)apparently its wrong but I don’t know how^^^This then leads to... more
Mass Prealgebra


Mass Of 3 pineapples and 2 apples is 11.4 kg. Total mass of 2 pineapples and 4 apples is 8.4 kg. Find the mass of 1 pineapple and 1 apple.

Help needed as this is creating problem for my kid.


Are Newton's "laws" of motion laws or definitions of force and mass?

If you consider [them]( as laws, then there must be independent definitions of [force]( and... more
Mass Math Science


What is the maximum mass of the precipitate formed when 127 mL of 2.1 M potassium phosphate reacts with magnesium chloride?

2 K_3PO_4 (aq) + 3 MgCl_2 (aq) = Mg_3(PO_4)_2 (s) + 6 KCl (aq)


How many grams of nitrogen are there in a sample of nitrogen that contains 4.0 moles of nitrogen atoms?

Plz help this is due tomorrow and I keep getting stuck on this problem !!!


What mass of O_2 gas must be produced in order for 4.5 L of NaOH to react completely at STP?

According that H_2O reacts with Na_2O_2 according to the following equation:2Na_2O_2 + 2H_2O yields 4NaOH + 1O_2

How does the mass of an object affect the outcome when an unbalanced force acts on it?

How does the mass of an object affect the outcome when an unbalanced force acts on it?
Mass Math Volume


[Math] Finding density of the object

Approximate the volume of each object whose mass is given. Then find the mass per unit of volume, or density, of each object.   The problem is, I don't know where to... more


How to find the weight of the air inside a ball?

I know the radius including the outside layer or "shell" of the basketball is 0.1205m and without is 0.1075m. The inflation pressure is 55158.06 N/m2 in Pascals. 


Mass of Aspirin in a tablet

In a lab determining the mass of acetylsalicylic acid in an aspirin tablet, I'm having trouble with the dilution part of my calculation.   An unknown solution was made by placing an aspirin... more


Calculate the Partial pressure of each gas at STP, and calculate the density at STP.

At STP, air can be considered to be a mixture of ideal gases: 21.1% O<sub>2</sub>, 78.0% N<sub>2</sub> and 1.00% Ar by volume.   a) Calculate the partial pressure of each... more


What is the mass in grams of a cube of gold (density = 19.32g/cm3) if the length of the cube is 2.00cm?

What is the equation set up?


what is the momentum of a system of two particles

What is the momentum of a system of two particles with these respective masses and velocities: 3.75 kg moving north at 5.6m/s and 4.2 kg moving northwest at 2.3m/s?


What is the radius of the circle?

A car is turning on a circular path with a constant speed of 7 m/s. If the car mass is 1200 kg and the coefficient of static friction is between the cars tires and the road .68 what is the radius... more
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