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How many days did it take the patient to recover?

If the recovery time for a surgery is normally distributed with a mean of 6.1 days and a standard deviation of 2.5 days. And the z-score for a recovery time is -1.45, how many days did the patient... more
Mean Mode Medican


Mean, Median and Mode

Your neighbor teaches math at your local elementary school. This week, her students are being introduced to the concepts of mean, median, and mode. The students have been asking, “Why do... more


test statistic help

Testing:H0:μ=44.6H1:μ<44.6Your sample consists of 46 subjects, with a mean of 44.3 and standard deviation of 1.01.Calculate the test statistic, rounded to 2 decimal places.t=


Consider the list of numbers...

Consider the list of numbers: 12,13,14,15,15,16,16,17,20, __ Enter a number in the gap which will make the mean of all those number equal to 20.
Mean Median


Mean,Median and range (Help plss)

This data set shows the ages of members of a singing group.             22, 23, 16, 24, 20Which of these numbers is NOT the mean, median, or range of the data?A.8B.20C.21D.22


Assume that z-scores are normally distributed with a mean of 0 and a standard deviation of 1. If P(−b<z<b)=0.273, find b.

And if possible, could you include the way you reached the answer?


Statistics mean

About 2% of the population has a particular genetic mutation. 100 people are randomly selected. Find the mean for the number of people with the genetic mutation in such groups of 100


Standard Deviation

A random variable is normally distributed with mean 96.1 and a standard deviation of 7.9. what value is 2 standard deviations about the mean


The table below shows the wages of employees at the Yacht Club.

a) Copy the table and complete the class centre column.Hourly Class Wage Centre. Frequency14-18 ... more


a) For the following data set:

7 9 2 5 4 11 1 4 40 Find: i) the range. ii) the interquartile range b) Which of the two measures calculated in part (a) is the best representation of the spread of this data? Give a... more


mean, median, mode and midrange

Find the​ (a) mean,​ (b) median,​ (c) mode, and​ (d) midrange for the data and then​ (e) answer the given question.Listed below are the jersey numbers of 11 players randomly selected from the... more


The table below shows the ages of a class of 60 students enrolled in the HSC course at TAFE Digital.

Age Frequency18 1419 2520 1621 5Using the statistical mode on your calculator, find the population standarddeviation of these ages.


A sample of 12 students was asked how many hours they had studied the week before their final exam.

Their responses were as follows: 18 40 14 23 14 15 18 14 19 13 16 12A) Discuss the effect on the mean of removing the outlier from the given data.


A sample of 12 students was asked how many hours they had studied the week before their final exam.

Their responses were as follows: 18 40 14 23 14 15 18 14 19 13 16 12b) find effect on the mean of removing the outlier from the given data.


Normal Distribution

In a given word problem, it is customary that all values are given. In the case of a word problem with normal distribution, it is common that the values of the score, the mean, and the... more

How to solve questions regarding drawing cards from a standard deck of 52?

Mark draws one card from a standard deck of 52. He receives $ 0.50 for a heart, $ 0.65 for a jack and $ 0.85 for the jack of hearts. How much should he pay for one draw?This is how i attempted to... more
Mean Statistics


What is the mean?

In 2019 exams, only 2103 of the 7685 examinees passed. The passing is a weighted ave of 74, which is higher than the mean weighted ave of all examinees. What is the mean given that the weighted... more


What salary marks the start of the upper 20% ?

Given that the average monthly salary of nurses in the Philippines is 23,000php with a standard deviation of 1,000 php. What salary marks the start of the upper 20% ?

What is the proportion

It is estimated that the mean life span of concrete drill bits is 20 hours. Suppose a construction company purchases drill bits that have a lifespan that is approximately normally distributed with... more


Population mean

Jordan made 6 out of 11 free throws in his last basketball game. estimate the population mean that he will make his free throws


Mean of Test scores

the mean of normal distributed test score is 79 and the standard deviation is 5 if there are 242 test scores in the data sample how many of them were in the 84 to 94 range

Statistics with confidence intervals

A random sample of 80 college students was asked, “How many hours do you study each week?” After gathering the data, the sample has a mean of 14 hours and a standard deviation of 2.8 hours.... more

Intro to statistics

Suppose we want to estimate the average IQ score for the population of statistics students. What is the minimum number of statistics students that must be randomly selected for IQ tests if we want... more


a question about median and mean

Jose is participating in a 6-day cross-country biking challenge. He biked for 48, 54, 51, 69, and 64 miles on the first five days. How many miles does he need to bike on the last day so that his... more

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