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What are some of the problems dealt with or caused by a specific branch of Protestantism


Elizabethan England!

I have some questions that need to be answered ASAP!first off, what is the difference between the privy council and the parliament?
Important Math C School


if I'm getting 100% in the class, and get a 50% on my quiz, what does that average my grade to?

I have an A, and I got 21 out of 42 on a test. I'm scared I might fail, or get below a D or C, and I'm not really sure how to calculate it. Please help!


60 girls and 40 boys 24 girlis wear eyeglasses and 14 boys wear eye glass p(E) 40/100 or 0.4

in a certain high school class comsisting of 60 girls ad 40 boys , it is observed that 24 girls and 16 boys wear eyeglasses. if a student is picked at random from this class , the probability that... more

how would you paraphrase this statement?

The beauty myth of the present is more insidious than any mystique of femininity … The contemporary ravages of the beauty backlash are destroying women physically and depleting us psychologically
Important Multiple Choice


what is equivalent to 1.800?

these are the choices i was given.   A. 1.008 B. 1.080 C. 1.08 D. 1.80 E. 1.8


What is 2.467 in expanded notation?

expanded notation is like expanded form but in fractions.
Important Science Physics Formula


What does this mean? Physics Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A weightlifter holds a 150 kg weight 2 m from the floor. Calculate the speed which the weight hits the floor when dropped. You may assume that no energy leaves the system, and that the... more
Important Math


Trigonometry and Triangle

Given a right angle triangle what formula is needed to find the missing angles and length ? also given the diagram of two triangle and asked to find the how long one side is what is the formula for... more

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