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Statistics multiple choice

To determine the favorite summer break destination of college students, 10 colleges are randomly selected from the United States and all students are surveyed at each of the selected colleges. This... more

What pro- or anti-environmental behaviors are feasible to measure objectively rather than with self-report?

One of the central challenges in understanding pro-environmental behavior is measurement. Currently, most researchers (including myself) lean on self-report of behavior. I'm looking for a... more
Survey Construction


Length and breadth of an area/rectangle.

In a scenario where breadth and length of a rectangle / area are not defined, how can one determine the breadth and length of that rectangle / area?Thanks.


Fraction of 81

14 people leave home before 8:00am taking the bus/car. 23 leave home before 8:00am via bike/walking.32 leave home after 8:00am via bus/car.12 leave home after 8:00am via bike/walking


Sampling Methods

The manager of an arena wants to learn more about the financial status of the people who will attend a rock concert. She would like to survey a representative sample of the more than 20,000 fans in... more


Algebra 2 - Sample Size

Of 1000 patients currently admitted at Bey Area Hospital, 300 participate in a survey. The patients are asked whether they are, or are not, satisfied with the quality of care they receive from... more


help with the math question, I keep getting the wrong letters in

Sakda runs a basketball program. On the first day of the season, 55 young women showed up and were categorized by age level and by preferred basketball position, as shown in the accompanying table.... more
Survey Simplify


Simplify your answer.

A survey of 62 customers was taken at a bookstore regarding the types of books purchased. The survey found that 38 customers purchased mysteries, 32 purchased science fiction , 20 purchased romance... more


Survey Statistic Problem

I have no idea how to solve this. Someone please explain to me.   427 different women were randomly selected and asked what they buy online, and 162 of the women says clothes.    If 10... more


how many people wanted there benefits?

A business did a survey of all its employees, 3 of 16 people wanted their benefits. 5 of 8 people wanted to change the benefits. Overall 150 didn't decide on the benefits.


what is the formula for calculating a survey scale of 1-5?

I did a survey and the respondents had a choice of 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest desired for each question. I added all the scores for each response and did an average and then... more

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