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systum of equations

the length of a rectangle is 2 inches less than twice the width. if the perimeter of the rectangle is 116 inches what are the dimensions
Mathmatics Math Math


help please, percentages

A table is on sale for 36% off. The sale price is $368.What is the regular price?
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question the product of 20 and one-fourth a number is 160. Whats the number?

112 together with eight-fifths of a number is triple the number. What is the number?
Mathmatics Math Algebra


seven less than two times a number is nine more then six times the number what is the number

Im doing bad in math sorry :/
Mathmatics Geometry


In your own words, explain how to copy a line segment.

Mathmatics Geometry


May you help me please with step by step instructions

The outside of a rectangular picture frame measures 10 inches by 11 inches and has a 1-inch border. What is the area of the border?
Mathmatics Geometry


Math need help please

â–³ RST has coordinates R(­-4, -3), S(0, 5), and T(7, -3).a. Graph â–³ RST in a coordinate plane.b. Find the perimeter of â–³ RST.c. Find the area of â–³ RST.d. The centroid of a triangle is the... more


math help equations

Rapid Rental Car charges a $30 rental fee, $15 for gas, and $0.45 per mile driven. For the same car, Capital Cars charges $35 for rental and gas and $0.55 per mile. Part 1 out of 2For how many... more
Mathmatics Algebra


In the xy- plane, the graph of y = -4x-2 crosses the y- axis at the point (0,k). What is the value of k?

A . -4 B. -2 C. -1/2 D. -1/4
Mathmatics Algebra 1


Percentage question

Percentage question:915 is x + 20% of xWhat is x?


Priya collected 2,400 pennies in a fundrasier. Each penny has a mass of 2.5 grams. How much money did priya raise

Priya collected 2,400 grams of pennies in a fundraiser. Each penny has a mass of 2.5 grams. How much money did priya raise?


Im stuck on this problem

Me. Shearin earns $9.75 an hour working at a music store. She earned $170 in a week. If Ms. Shearin works 10 hours more next week, how much money will she make that week?


12 ft by 10 ft each square yard cost 30.25 how much is that

You want to order carpet for an area in your house. The room measures 12 ft by 10 ft if each square yard of carpet costs 30.25 how much will the carpet cosr

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