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How can I quantify the accuracy with which I can describe the probability of a random event occurring, using ten randomly synced fixed-interval sampling devices?

"Event A occurs randomly. I have ten sensors to detect the occurrence of this event, each sensor samples every ten seconds, and are randomly synced (i.e. could be simultaneous, may not be).Describe... more


Statistics multiple choice

To determine the favorite summer break destination of college students, 10 colleges are randomly selected from the United States and all students are surveyed at each of the selected colleges. This... more


Sampling question?

Your friend conducted a study on the number of calories in bottles of sports drinks. He went to his kitchen and recorded the calories of the sports drinks in the refrigerator. What kind of... more


Sampling Methods

The manager of an arena wants to learn more about the financial status of the people who will attend a rock concert. She would like to survey a representative sample of the more than 20,000 fans in... more


There are 28 students in a class and 3 are left handed. I'm the whole school there are 1250 students how many are left handed?

This question was a part of my test and I don't understand it. I think it might be sampling but I am not sure
Sampling Math Problem


what method should I use ?

There are 25 ducks, each duck having different running speeds. What is the minimum number of duck races required to determine the 3 fastest ducks with the provisions of every duck race followed by... more


How likely is a researcher going to achieve a representative sample?

A researcher positions herself on a street corner asks 1 person in 5 who walks by to be interviewed. She continues doing this until she has a sample of 250. How likely is she going to achieve a... more


Sample size question

Assume your sample contained 1000 liters of water and the volume of Meadow Lake is 125,000,000 liters. How many blue fish would you find in the whole lake if you found 7 in your sample?    
Sampling Technique


Identity the sampling technique used to obtain the following sample

The first 25 students leaving the gymnasium are asked how much money they spent on rent for the semester .

A group to be surveyed is randomly selected from employees who have been with the company for 5 years. Name the type of sampling used and is the sample biased?

A company conducts a survey every spring to measure the morale of its employees. A group to be surveyed is randomly selected from all employees who have been with the company for exactly 5 years.... more

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