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Perimeter Algebra 2 Area



A homeowner uses four wooden beams to build the perimeter of a rectangular deck. Each wooden beam has an equal length of x feet. He uses two beams for two sides of the deck, and he cuts off 2 feet... more
Perimeter Math Algebra 2


The length of the sides of a triangle are in the ratio 8:15: 17. Find the length of each side if the perimeter is 136 cm.

Help as soon as possible would be greatly appreciated.
Perimeter Math 6th Grade


What is the perimeter of EFGH?

There are two figures, figure ABCD and figure EFGH. Figure ABCD’s measurements are 5.0 , 4.0 , 8.0 , and 3.0. While you only know 2.5 on the measurements of EFGH. The perimeter of ABCD = 20. The... more
Perimeter Math Geometry


The length of a rectangle is 56 centimeters. Find all possible values for the width of the rectangle if the perimeter is at least 186 centimeters.

Answer choices are as follows:a) b) c) d) e) None of the above.
Perimeter Math Algebra 1


Algebra Homework help

Question: You have a rectangular prism ( with square bases) of cheese. You slice it diagonally in half. The length of the cheese is represented by the equation -5x2+3x+2=0. You also know that the... more
Perimeter Elementary Math


The patio measures 35ft by18ft what is the perimeter

The patio measures 35ft by18ft what is the perimeter
Perimeter Math Math Help


Math problem help!!

How many tiles, each by 25cm by 25cm, would be needed to cover a floor that is 2m by 4m?please show work thank you!!
Perimeter Width Length


How do I solve this system of questions?

The length of a rectangular garden is four more than three times the width, if the perimeter of the garden is 104 feet, then what are the dimensions?
Perimeter Algebra 1 Width


Length and Width help

The length of a rectangle is 3 times the width. The perimeter is 44. What is the length and width???
Perimeter Math Sat Math


Help with algebra

The length of a rectangle is 8 inches more than three times the width. The perimeter is 80 inches. Find the length and width.
Perimeter Math Geometry


Simple Perimeter question

The perimeter of the rectangular playing field is 306 yards. The length of the field is 66 yards less than double the width. What are the dimensions of the playing​ field?


Pre Calculus 11 - Trigonometry

What is the perimeter of a regular heptagon inscribed in a circle of radius 7? Round your answer to 2 decimal places.
Perimeter Algebra 1


how to find the perimeter

One side of a rectangle is 3 more than the other. If you increase the smaller side by 3, and double the longer side, find the perimeter of the new rectangle.
Perimeter Math Geometry


find the perimeter of triangle XYZ if X= (0,2) Y=(3,-2) Z=(-1,-2)

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