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Simple Perimeter question

The perimeter of the rectangular playing field is 306 yards. The length of the field is 66 yards less than double the width. What are the dimensions of the playing​ field?


Pre Calculus 11 - Trigonometry

What is the perimeter of a regular heptagon inscribed in a circle of radius 7? Round your answer to 2 decimal places.


how to find the perimeter

One side of a rectangle is 3 more than the other. If you increase the smaller side by 3, and double the longer side, find the perimeter of the new rectangle.


My perimeter is 30 ft my length is 9 ft. What is the width

My rug has a perimeter of 30 ft, the length is 9 ft. What is the width?


How do you find the length of a side using only variables?

The perimeter of a triangle is 34 cm on side AB -xside BC- x+4side CA- x+3


Math perimeter word problem.

The area of each of 2 rectangles is 72 sq cm. The lengths and widths of each rectangle are integers. Rectangle 2's length is 5 cm greater than rectangle 1's length; rectangle 2’s width is 15 cm... more


The perimeter of a semicircle is 10.28 millimeters. What is the semicircle's radius?

Please help! I need help in like less than 2 hours!


What is the length and width?

In rectangle ABCD, point O is an intersection of 2 diagonals. The distance from point O to the side AB is 7 cm shorter than the distance from point O to the side BC.What is the length and width of... more


D(-3,1)E(-3,3) F (2,3) find the the perimeter and area

Please help and explain easily so I get this :)


Algebraic equations word problem

the length of a rectangular field is thrice it's breadth. It' perimeter is 400 meters. Find its length and breadth.


Writing expressions

The length of a rectangle is 4 times it’s width. Write three different expressions to describe its perimeter.explain how you wrote each expression


Writing expression

each of the two congruent sides of an isosceles triangle has length 2x-1.5, and the third side has length x+3. label the sides of the triangle.then write two equivalent expressions for its perimeter


if the area of a triangle is 40 square meters and its base is 10 meters, how tall is the triangle?

if the area of a triangle is 40 square meters and its base is 10 meters, how tall is the triangle?


Perimeter is 76 feet of a rectangular backyard. If the width of the yard is 25 feet what is the length?

The perimeter of a rectangular backyard is 76 feet. If the width of the yard is 25 feet, what is the length of the yard?
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