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Pls help its impossible

F(n)= n/2 3n+1 if n%2 =0 if n%2 =1
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Please Help With Problem

P^2 q - pq^2 - rp^2 q + rpq^2
Math Question


Solve this math problem if you can

if 2 pistons = 3 heats , then 9009 heats = -------------pistons
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Grade Calculator Help

I had 6 tests worth 50%I got 84,80,76,76,76,74I had one exam worth 5%I got 22/30what do I need to get on my final exam worth 25% to maintain at or above 76%And how many questions can I miss?the... more
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Math percentage question

Amandas job offered two plans, plan A is a salary of $1,200 per month plus 6% commission on sales. Plan B is a salary of $1,600 per month and 4% commission on sales. For what amount of monthly... more
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Please help me solve this

Suppose that a cliff diver's height (in feet) after t seconds is given by the model H=−16t2+24t+16. Find the height after 1 second. H=______feet.
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math question help

the question is: given the quadrilateral ABCD with A(3,4) B(2,-2) C(-4,-1) and D(-3,5), prove that ABCD is a square using slopes and distance. please include/show work, this is a screenshot of the... more
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geometry please help

how far does the tip of the seconds hand (the red one) on a clock move in 15 seconds if the radius of the clock is 5 inches?
Math Question


Dave has 3246 stamps. Joe has 741 fewer stamps than Dave. how many stamps in all?

Son got this question wrong and unsure what the real answer would be.
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Word problem involving Bob and James finishing the roof of a house

Bob and James are finishing the roof of a house. Working together they can shingle the house in 5 hours and 30 minutes. Working alone, Bob can shingle the roof in 17 hours. How many hours would it... more


Regression Help

The following table gives information on the amount of sugar (in grams) and the calorie count inone serving of a sample of 13 varieties of Kellogg’s cereal. Sugar... more
Math Question


Which car will travel the most distance in miles per gallon?

A Toyota Prius can travel miles given any gallons of gas is given by m equals 35 gal. a Toyota sienna used 2.5 gallons to travel 55 mi. A Toyota Camry used to gallons to travel 50 miles. A Toyota... more
Math Question


What is the sequence 3, -6, 12, 4, 20, ?

Math Question


The value of 8 in 800 is blank times as large as the value of 8 in 80

Math Question


Heather, Alonzo, and Ryan have a total of $98 in their wallets. Ryan has $10 more than helen. Alonzo has 4 times ehat Ryan has. How much do they have in their wallets?

Heather, Alonzo, and Ryan have a total of $98 in their wallets. Ryan has $10 more than helen. Alonzo has 4 times ehat Ryan has. How much do they have in their wallets
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Math question for school

Rewrite 5(12-5) using the distributive law
Math Question


I need help figuring out this math question please ?

A rectangular sandbox is surrounded on all sides by a strip of grass that is 5 feet wide on all sides. The length of the sandbox is 4 feet more than the width, and the total area for the sandbox... more
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Math word problem

To mail a small package it costs 54cent for the first ounce an 43 cents for each additional ounce how much more would it cost to mail seven 1ounce packages than to mail one package weighing 7 ounce
Math Question


if c=5200+200s, find the total cost to transport 13 tons of sugar

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