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10th Grade Science Chemistry


Scientific Notation

1.) 30/ 60,000 x 0.052.) 450 x 0.008 x 0.2/ 20,000 x 40 x 0.18
10th Grade Science Chemistry


Scientific Notation Practice

1.) 8,000,000 x 140/ 0.04= 2.) 640 x 0.072 x 4/ 160,000 x 0.00036=3.) 30/60,000 x 0.05=4.) 42 x 0.00070/ 0.35 x 30,000 x 140= 5.) 450 x 0.008 x 0.2/ 20,000 x 40 0.18=
10th Grade Math Geometry Sat Math



Segment ST is formed by S(-10, 3) and T(2, 7). If line q is the perpendicular bisector of segment ST, write an equation for q in slope-intercept form.
10th Grade Math Geometry Sat Math



At the amusement park, the Ferris wheel is located 95 feet east and 156 feet north of the entrance. The swings are located 23 feet west and 124 feet north of the entrance. If Cody is standing... more
10th Grade Math Geometry Act Math


Geometry Question!!

A helicopter flying 3,786 feet above ground spots the top of a 180-foot tall tower at an angle of depression of 73º. How far must the helicopter fly to be directly over the tower?


List the steps required to convert 5.75 weeks into days

I'm really stuck trying to do this.
10th Grade Math Algebra 1



After you Get on the bus there are 6 additional stops before you reach school. The travel time between stops various. The Times (in minutes) between stops are 2.3, 1.4, 2.8, 1.7, 1.9, 2.1, and 3.4... more
10th Grade Math


Help please and thank you!

A line segment AC is bisected by point B. The length OF AB is 8x+12 and the length of BC is 6x+18.A. What is the value of x?B. What is the length of AB?C. What is the length of AC?
10th Grade Math


Please HELP ME!!!

The length of a rectangle is 3x+4 and the width is 2x+7.A. Write an equation for the perimeter P ofthe rectangle. B. The perimeter of the rectangle is 62 feet. What is the value of x? C. What are... more
10th Grade Chemistry Gas Laws Mass


What mass of O_2 gas must be produced in order for 4.5 L of NaOH to react completely at STP?

According that H_2O reacts with Na_2O_2 according to the following equation:2Na_2O_2 + 2H_2O yields 4NaOH + 1O_2
10th Grade Math Chemistry Volume


What is the volume of oxygen gas (in Liters) that will be produced if 3.5 g H_2O will react at a pressure of 119 kPa and temperature of 35 degrees Celsius?

According that H_2O reacts with Na_2O_2 according to the following equation:2Na_2O_2 + 2H_2O yields 4NaOH + 1O_2


A gas sample is collected at 21 degrees celsius and 0.988 atm. If the sample has a mass of 4.7 g and a volume of 396 mL. What is the molar mass?

10th grade Chemistry gas law problem. Find the molar mass given the temperature and air pressure.
10th Grade Chemistry Gas Laws


The temperature is -13 degrees celsius, the air pressure in a car tire is 2.5 atm. If the volume does not change, what will the temperature in celsius be if the pressure is 1.2 atm?

Chemistry question of gas laws, 10th grade. Find the pressure from a given temperature and air pressure.
10th Grade Chemistry Gas


A large cylinder of 5.1 g He gas has a volume of 2500 ml at 23 degrees celsius. What is the pressure in torr?

Chemistry for 10th grade question.


Rearranging Words Without Replacement

Irving wants to rearrange the letters in turkey without replacement. How many ways can he rearrange them with 't' being first and 'u' being second? Please show work. Thanks :)


Which description is correct for the x-intercept(s) of Function A and Function B?

Function A:x     g(x)−4    −33        00      −22      −11        0Function B: f(x)=|x|−2     Both functions have the same number of x-intercepts.Function B has two x-intercepts.Function A has... more

How does the distance Plane A traveled in 1 hour compare to the distance Plane B traveled in 1 hour?

Two planes left the airport traveling in the same direction. The distance Plane A traveled is modeled by the function d(t)=290t where d represents distance in miles and t represents time in... more
10th Grade Math Math Help



Write a polynomial function in standard form with zeros at −4, 1 and 1.   y=
10th Grade Maths


If ab=14 find hcf of a and b

Given ab= 14 To find HCF(a,b)


Complete the two-column proof

Given: triangle SVX is congruent to triangle UTX and Line SV is || to line TU   Prove: VUTS is a parallelogram   Image: It's a parallelogram, with one line going from corner S to corner U and a... more
10th Grade Chemistry Science Fair


is it possible for salt crystals like nacl to have positive and negative ions that are not held by an electrostatic attraction

Has this ever been answered? I need to know for a science fair project.

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