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Negative probabilities - Can we have negative payments in bonds?

In [Half of a Coin: Negative Probabilities](http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi=, the author mentions bond duration.Suppose we have payments... more


Why does solid CO2 become a gas at room temperature, but SiO2 does not?

Hi, I'm currently learning about intermolecular forces and atomic radius, and this question has appeared:   Why does solid CO2 become a gas at room temperature, but SiO2 does not? 


When do ionic bonds from

Ionic bonds form when two atoms  A. Exchange outer shell electrons B. Exchange inner shell electrons C. Share inner shell electrons D. Share outer shell electrons  I really don't know the answer


Draw the condensed structural formula, or skeletal formula if cyclic, for the aldehyde or ketone formed when each of the following alcohols is oxidized [O] (if

 I have what looks like cyclobutane bonded to an OH by the top right corner..   I have no idea where to even start...
Bonds Chemistry


this is troubling me can you help

what is the Comparoson and contrast the formation of bonds, lattice structure, electron distribution and physical properties between ionic and molecular compounds by using sodium chloride and water... more

how much was invested in each vehicle?

Country Day's scholarship fund receives a gift of $ 188240.607247983. The money is invested in stocks, bonds, and CDs. CDs pay 2.5 % interest, bonds pay 5.5 % interest, and stocks pay 10.1 %... more

Why do I still get 0.0929 instead of 0.0938 even if I use the right formula?

I am calculating bond's yield of maturity. The formula can be found here:   http://financetrain.com/yield-to-maturity-ytm-approximation-formula/   It's (((Face Value - Purchase Price)+Coupon... more


Number bonds 6 to 60?

My homework is to make number bonds from 6 to 60..idk what it means


Investments and Bonds???

Carl invested part of $300,000 in bonds that pay 8.5% interest annually. The other part was invested in a simple interest account that paid 10%. How much is invested in each, if the total annual... more


Calculate the total dollar amount you would pay at the quoted price for the bond: Bond price 114 Number of bonds purchased 2

I need helping finding how much the total is for the bond
Bonds Stocks


Purchase price?

On September 6, Irene Westing purchased one bond of Mick Corporation at 93.00. The bond pays 6.5 interest on June 1 and December 1. The stockbroker told Irene that she would have to pay the accrued... more


premium amortization schedule

A bond has a face value of $2,000 redeemable in 5 years at a coupon rate of 8%. Construct the premium amortization schedule if the bond is to be purchased to yield 6%. 


premium or discount price/bonds

A $2,000 bond is redeemable at a coupon rate of 6.5% in 10 years. Would you purchase it at premium or discount price if you want it to yield 8%?


yield rate

Find the yield rate for a bond purchased at a quoted price of $2,250 redeemable in 10 years. The face value is $2,000 at a coupon rate of 6 1/4%.


bonds/purchase price

A $5000 bond with a semiannual coupon at 8.5% is redeemable at par value on November 1, 2015. Find the purchase price on July 15, 2013 to yield 7.5%.


Purchase price of bond

What is the purchase price of a $1,000 bond that is maturing in 20 years at 12% interest if the required rate of return is 15%?
Bonds Chemistry


How do you tell what kind of bond a compound is

I've been given some homework in chemistry and I'm not sure how to tell if a compound or ion is an ionic, covalent or polar covalent bond. I also have to identify what kind of molecular shape a... more

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