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Graphing Linear Equations


Determine an equation that represents a graphed line

Which equation represents the graph line with the coordinate points (-6,-8) (6,-4) in point slope form.
Graphing Linear Equations


Determine the graph of a linear equation

Draw a graph that represents the equation y= -2/3x+3
Graphing Linear Equations


linear equations using 12 and 16 college credits

upon admitted to berkeley you were credited with 12 credits from your previous institution and you have decided to take 16 credits per quarter in order to meet the graduation requirements for your... more
Graphing Linear Equations


when dealing with linear equations

I have a equations such as 3x-3y=9 I am curious on how to set up and solve this equation and how the graphing lines should look like
Graphing Linear Equations


when needing to graph linear equations

I have a equation that says 2x+10=-5y how do you solve and graph this? I attempted and I want to see how someone else solves and graphs this equation
Graphing Linear Equations


when dealing wih graphing linear equations

I have an equations such as 3y+15=5x I am not certain how to solve this equation in order to graph it
Graphing Linear Equations


when dealing wih graphing linear equations

when dealing with graphing linear equations just as y=3/4x how do you set up the equation and how do you solve it
Graphing Linear Equations Algebra 1 Algebra Equations


I really need urgent help for this question... What do they mean by determine the conditions? What conditions? And how do I do the question?

Consider the simultaneous equations px-y=6,8x-2y=q determine the conditions that p and q must satisfy of the simultaneous equations have (i) an infinite number of solutions(ii) no solution,(iii) a... more
Graphing Linear Equations Algebra 1 Linear Equations Linear Inequalities


The birth rate B of multiple births as a function of age a is given by the function B (a) = 1.73a - 14.56 for 15 < or equal to 15 < or equal to 44.

The birth rate is the number of births per 1000 women. A multiple birth rate is any birth with 2 or more children born. A) What are the independent and dependent variables? B)  What is the domain... more
Graphing Linear Equations


Graph the line that has a slope of 0 and includes the point ( 0, 0 ) .

I am lost on how to do this plz help
Graphing Linear Equations


help please!

how to find out the initial value of the relation?


Find the x and y intercepts of the following lines

Find the x and y intercepts of the following lines.   1. 6x-1y=3   2. y=7x+3
Graphing Linear Equations


How to convert a graph into point-slope form?

it's intercepting a little after 0, but before 1 snd on the x axis it intercepts before -1, but after 0.
Graphing Linear Equations


Please Help!!! Maximize...

Maximize  f = 3x + 2y subject to  x + y ≤ 4 7x + 3y ≤ 21 x,y ≥ 0   Corner Points:          f = 3x + 2y     Max = _____ at x =_____ and y =_____
Graphing Linear Equations


Eric has 130 coins consisting of nickels and quarters. The coins combined value comes to 15.90. How many of each coin does Eric have

Graphing linear equations 
Graphing Linear Equations Linear Equations Linear Graphs Linear Relations


how do i sketch a linear equation?

i am wanting to know how to sketch a few graphs such as 2y=-6, y=-6, 5x=0
Graphing Linear Equations


Graph y<-6 on number line

Graph this question on a number line numbered -11 to 11
Graphing Linear Equations Math Graph


are there any solutions.

 Draw graph to find whether the system have any solutions or not. 2x + y = 4, 6x = −3y + 6
Graphing Linear Equations


what is the slope and y- intercept of the line whose equation is 4x + y = - 4

I have been struggling at graphing the last two weeks 

what 12 points where the difference between the x- and y-coordinates of each point is 1

I need help with this problem it is from algebra 1 and its about graphing ordered pairs
Graphing Linear Equations


ordered pairs

Kai burned 30 calories jumping rope and then burned 5.8 calories per minute on a brisk walk. Which ordered pairs are viable to represent the total number of calories, y, that Kai burned in his jump... more
Graphing Linear Equations Algebra 1 Graphing


how do you grah an equation

how do you graph any equation  
Graphing Linear Equations


what is the answer to graph this as a linear equation y=-1/2x-5

how do you graph y=-1/2x-5 
Graphing Linear Equations Word Problem Linear Equations


Find a Linear Equation

It costs XYZ Corporation $8100 to produce 1400 units and $5580 to produce 200 units. Let c represent the cost in dollars and x represent the number of units produced. Find a linear equation for c... more
Graphing Linear Equations


Construct a system of two linear equations where (-2, 3) is a solution to the first equation but not to the second equation, and where (5, -2)

You need to write the equations of your system and graph them on the same graph. Explain how your graph shows that your system satisfies the 2 required conditions.

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