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Determine third point of triangle when two points and all sides are known?

Determine third point of triangle (on a 2D plane) when two points and all sides are known? A = (0,0) B = (5,0) C = (?, ?) AB = 5 BC = 4 AC = 3 Can someone please explain how to go... more
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I need help finding a viewing window on my Ti-84 calculator for a couple functions.

The functions are:f(x)=0.03x-500f(x)=-0.2x2+100x+800f(x)=50/(20(3x2+1))I am having trouble finding the viewing window for these functions. I need the graphs to show the general shape of the... more
Graphing Functions


if the equation f(x) = 2 has four distinct real solutions, which of the following could be the complete graph of y = f(x)?

Four graphs are given, but it is hard to describe them here. What are the steps to solve the problem?
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how do you graph the inverse function of f(x)=1/2x-5 ?

this is for IM2 math honors i need help on this i understand the switching part i just need an example to help me continue my homework.
Graphing Functions


find the appropriate values for f(x) and g(x)

f(x)=√x g(x)=√x+8 x=0,1,4,9
Graphing Functions


graph the function f(x)=-(x-2)^2+4

It said Graph the function  
Graphing Functions


Your $35,000 annual salary increases by 4% each year

Write and graph a function that represents the situation
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Graph y= tan (3x-π) and include a scale.

Also find the: Amplitude: Period: Phase shift:


Where does a cosine graph with an "a" value =/= 1 start?

The function for a cosine graph is f(x)=a cos b (x-c) + d, and in the parent function of f(x)=cos x, the "a" value = 1. I was taught that in a cosine function the graph "starts" at (0, 1). Is this... more
Graphing Functions


Position on graph

Kirby moves with constant speed 5 units per hour along the line y=3x/4 +6, crossingthe y-axis at midnight and the x-axis later. When is the x-axis crossing made? What does itmean to say that... more
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A cubic function is a polynomial of degree 3; that is it has the form f(x)=ax^3+bx^2+cx+d, where a does not equal to zero.

(a) Show that a cubic function can have two, one, or no critical number(s). Give examples and sketches to illustrate the three possibilities.(b) How many local extreme values can a cubic function... more
Graphing Functions Algebra 9th Grade


what is the function for Y=3x

Graph the function for the given domain. y = 2x D:{−4, −2, 0, 2}
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Graph the polynomial function using a calculator.

f(x) = x^3 − 3x^2 − 10x   Determine the intercepts.   x-intercept (x, y) = (       ,      ) (smallest x-value)   x intercept (x,y) =  (       ,       )   y-intercept (x,y) =  (       ,    ... more
Graphing Functions


Graph this function y= 2x+2

This is a graphing problem in a mgraw hill pre-algerbra book
Graphing Functions


Graphing Functions

Estimate the following: The roots of the function y=2x2+2x-4   The solutions of the equation 2x2+2x-4=-3  
Graphing Functions


Graph the function f(x)=x^2+8 as a translation of g(x)=x^2

This function must be graphed 
Graphing Functions


sample data in the table below show the height at the shoulders H, in centimeters, of an adult Indian elephant (Eephas forefoot circumference, in centimeters.

sample data in the table below show the height at the shoulders H, in centimeters, of an adult Indian elephant (Eephas forefoot circumference, in centimeters.Right forefoot circumference, c (in... more
Graphing Functions



I have to find the window of the problem. Please help!
Graphing Functions


Graph the equation f(x)=6x

1.Graph the equation f(x)=6x   2. determine whether the given ordered pair is a solution of the system of equation (2,-3) -2y=x+4, 5y=8x+1
Graphing Functions


f(x)=sqrt x+3

Graph the function. Graph the leftmost point and three additional points.
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I need help finding the domain and range of these functions

y=(1/x)-2 and also y=(-4/x-4)+4   also the problem told me to compare 
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sketch a graph of a function that satisfies all of the following conditions.

1. Sketch a graph of a function that satisfies all of the following conditions: 1. f (3)=42. limx--->3 f (x)=-13. limx--->-2 f (x) does not exist.4. limx--->-2- f (x)=42. Sketch a graph... more
Graphing Functions


Graph the function



Graphing quadratic functions

For the quadratic function (x)=-1/3(x+6)(x+6)+3, tell whether the graph opens up or down; wider or narrower; vertex and axis.   Ok so I think I have the idea for this   Vertex:... more


NEED ANSWERED ASAP Graph the following Trigonometric Function

f(x)= 2sin(2x-π)-3 on the interval [0,2π]   State:amplitudeperiod phase shift equation of axis domain range   What would be my mapping rule and points on the graph?

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