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Finite Mathematics


Find an equation in slope intercept form

1/4, -1/2 and 3/4, 1 solve problem need help
Finite Mathematics


explain the difference between simple interest and compound interest

Finite Mathematics


Assume that 55 percent of the students at the university have taken 4 years of high school math. Of those with four years of high school math, 65 percent plan t

If the student plans to major in science, what is the probability that this student had four years of high school math? 
Finite Mathematics Word Problem Finite Math


how many Democrats, how many Republicans, and how many members of other parties voted in favor of the bill?

In the 75th Congress (1937−1939) there were in the Senate 75 Democrats, 17 Republicans, and 4 members of other parties. Suppose that a bill passed the Senate with 40 more votes in favor than... more
Finite Mathematics Systems Of Equations Finite Math


How large was the audience of each of the four companies at the end of that year?

At the end of a certain year, the four companies with the largest number of home Internet users in the United States were Microsoft, Time Warner, Yahoo, and Google, with a combined audience of 284... more
Finite Mathematics Word Problem Finite Math,


How many books should be shipped to each place?

Red Bookstore wants to ship books from its warehouses in Brooklyn and Queens to its stores, one on Long Island and one in Manhattan. Its warehouse in Brooklyn has 1,000 books and its warehouse in... more
Finite Mathematics


The manager of a restaurant found that the cost to produce 150 cups of code is $48.50, while the cost to produce 250 cups is $73.50. As

The manager of a restaurant found that the cost to produce 150 cups of code is $48.50, while the cost to produce 250 cups is $73.50. Assume the relationship between the cost y to produce x cups of... more
Finite Mathematics


Finite math question

Urn 1 contains 8 red and 2 white balls. Urn 2 contains 7 red and 2 white balls a ball is drawn from urn 1 and placed in urn 2 then a ball is drawn from urn 2 if the ball drawn from urn 2 is red... more
Finite Mathematics


A universal​ set, with​ n(U) = 168​, is partitioned into three​ subsets: A,​ B, and C. If​ n(B) = 5​⋅n(A), and​ n(C) = 3​⋅n(B), find n(A).

A universal set, with n(U) = 168, is partitioned into three subsets: A, B, and C.  If n(B) = 5⋅n(A), and n(C) = 3⋅n(B), find the number of elements in the subset A.
Finite Mathematics


State the domain and range of the function. (Enter your answers using interval notation.)

Finite Mathematics


If f(x) = 2x2 – x + 5 and h ≠ 0, find the following and simplify.

(a)    f(x + h)          = (b)     (f(x + h) – f(x) h)/h =
Finite Mathematics


use the change of base formula to rewrite the logarithm (write the answer using base e formulas)

Finite Mathematics


suppose that the scrap value of a pice of heavy equipment, purchased new for $395000, decreased by 12% annually

determine the equipment value function V(T). Let T equal the number of years since the date of purchase
Finite Mathematics Set Builder notation


let m be the set of integers greater than or equal to 8

Use the variable x to write the set in set builder- notation 
Finite Mathematics


Let h be the set of interfere less than one

Use the variable x to write the set in set -builder notation
Finite Mathematics


From a group of 4 women and 7 ​men, a delegation of 3 is selected. Find the expected number of women in the delegation.

What is the expected number of women? (round to two decimal places as needed)
Finite Mathematics


The probability that the sum of the dots on the dice is a number greater than 3 if the second die is a 2 is

Two dice are rolled one after another. Construct a sample space and determine the probability that the sum of the dots on the dice total a number greater than 3 if the second die is a 2.
Finite Mathematics


A variable name in the programming language BASIC† can be either a letter or a letter followed by a decimal digit—that is, one of the numbers 0, 1, . . . , 9.

I have worked this problem several times and cannot figure it out
Finite Mathematics Finite Math


Consider a die constructed so that outcomes of 4, 5, 2, and 3 are equally likely, a 6 is four times as likely as a 3, and a 1 is four times as likely as a 6.

(1) What is the value of w4? (2) What is the value of w6? (3) What is the value of w1?
Finite Mathematics Probability Problems


Assume that Pr[E]=1/2, Pr[F|E]=3/5, and Pr[E′∩F′]=3/10.

Compute the following probabilities: (1) Pr[F], (2) Pr[G ∩ E]


Finite Math Question

A store sells two types of toys, A and B. The store owner pays $8 and $10 for each one unit of toy A and B respectively. One unit of toys A yields a profit of $2 while a unit of toys B yields a... more
Finite Mathematics


Find the point of intersection of the pair of straight lines x – 5y = 6 and 3x = 6

 where does x -5y intercept with 3x=6
Finite Mathematics


Find the coordinates of the points that are 5 units away from the origin and have a x coordinate equal to 3

I just need help doing it Im not that good at word problems. 

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