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Graphing Solutions Graphing Parabolas


graphically solve theses simultaneous equations using a grid. note calculations for the vertex and x intercepts must be shown

y=x2 +2x-3   y=8-2x-x2   i know the vertex is (-1,-4)                               (-1,9)   and the x intercepts are (1,0), (-3,0)                                     (2,0),... more


Geometry Graphing - Find missing coordinate when given length of line segment

Hello, I have been struggling with this particular question I feel like I know it I'm just fighting myself on which formula to use.   The questions state: Line segment AB is 2 to the square root... more
Graphing Solutions


Graphing systems

graph the system below and write its solution:    y=1/3x + 2 -2x + y= -3


What will the location be?

If (a,b) is a point on a coordinate plane, what will its location be after it has been reflected across the X-axis?
Graphing Solutions


Find the slope- intercept equation for the line with the indicated slope and y intercept Slope= 9/7 y intercept (0,-2)

Need the easiest way how to solve 
Graphing Solutions Graphing


company A charges $3 per hour and company B charges a flat fee of $80 per season and $2 per hour

a. write an equation for each company  b. graph both equations c. find the coordinates of the point of intersection  d. what do the number values in the coordinate pair represent? e. when is it... more
Graphing Solutions Functions


Which function works with the origin as a solution? y=4n , y=2n+2 , y=n+2 , y=3n+1

How do we find the answer to this problem?    Which function works with the origin as a solution?  y=4n , y=2n+2 , y=n+2 , y=3n+1
Graphing Solutions Solving For Variables


x/4+6 1/4 is less than 7 1/2

you also have to graph the solution    x/4+6 1/4>7 1/2    and solving for x     please help!
Graphing Solutions Graphing


I need to describe the graphing of x= (y+2)^2

as well as find the intercepts,vertex,and start and end points
Graphing Solutions


the graph of f passes through (3,9) and is perpendicular to the line whose equation is x=18

I need to find out how to get the equation of the perpendicular line
Graphing Solutions


Need help graphing two points

graph the line with slope -5 and passing through (5,4)
Graphing Solutions


how do i graph y=x5 – 5x3 + 4x with the first x being to the 5th power and the second x to the 3rd power didnt know how to type it like that

y=x5- 5x3 + 4x     It says to use a graphing utility to graph the function. use the graph to approximate any x-intercepts of the graph. set y=0 and solve the resulting equation compare the... more
Graphing Solutions


How to solve the system of equations by graphing

3x+y=-4 x+2y=2 Answer: y= -3x -4 y= -1/2x + 1 How do you graph this equation? Please advise. Thanks
Graphing Solutions



Can you please solve the inequality and graph the solution set.? Please show work so that I can see how it is worked out.
Graphing Solutions


graph y=-x+6 in coordinate plane

graph y=-x+6 in a coordinate plane  
Graphing Solutions


how do you write an equation with just a graph?

I don't understand how to write an equation with just a graph. there is no numbers or anything. just a diagonal line through the middle. please help!!
Graphing Solutions


I need help solving something

Like graphing quadratic equations

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