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Linear Relations Coordinate Geometry


Show that the gradient of any line perpendicular to 3x - 4y + 2 =0 is -4/3

I don't even know where to start with this question and how to show it.
Linear Relations Math


How do you answer this

Find the equation of a line perpendicular to ūĚ϶ = 3/4ūĚĎ• ‚ąí 1, and the same y-intercept as ūĚ϶ = 5ūĚĎ• + 7 .
Linear Relations Math


How do you solve this

Pizza Palace charges a fixed amount for a basic pizza plus an additional cost per topping. It costs $2.15 for each topping. A 3-topping pizza costs $13.25. Find an equation for the line relating... more
Linear Relations Math Linear Equations Slope


Does each set of points have a linear relationship? (-6,-4),(-5,-2), (-4,0),(-3,2)

 How can I solve this without using a graph? 
Linear Relations


What is the fixed rate

the cost to send the school hockey team to Winnipeg depends on the number of students who go. The cost for 28 students to go will cost $8860. It will cost each player $297.50 and the team will pay... more
Linear Relations


A car travels 100 km per hour. Show a formula where hours the independent variable is and distance as the dependant variable

a car travels 100km per hour. Show a formula where hours the independent variable is and distance as the dependant variable   
Linear Relations


Which of the following situations describes a linear relationship?

 A. The roadway from Scott's house to his school descends at a 4% downgrade. B. A ball bounces to one half it's previous height on each bounce. C. Sally invested $3,000 in a savings account that... more
Linear Relations Variables


When a tow truck is called, the cost of the service is $10, plus $2 per mile that the car must be towed. Define your variables

variables  independent and dependent  x and y chart  graph   
Linear Relations Linear Function Pre Calculus


Pre-Calculus: Writing Linear Equations

Write an equation in slope-intercept form of the line that has slope -4 and passes through the point at (2,-2).
Linear Relations


Analytical Geometry

Determine which of the following lines is the steepest and why.   A)x+2y+8=0   B)y=3x+5   C) 10=8x+2y
Linear Relations Problem Solving


Question below

 The tap on a tank has been left on and water is running out.  The volume of water in the tank after one hour is 100 L and after five hours the volume is 20 L.  Assuming the relationship is linear,... more
Linear Relations


a) Write the equation that represents the cost of the banquet b) determine the cost for 200 people c) how many people could attend for $2330

A restaurant has banquet facilities for 300 people. When the owner quotes a price for a banquet he is including the room rent plus the cost of a meal. A banquet for 50 people costs $800 while a... more
Linear Relations Coordinate Geometry


Short answer questions, pls help

ABCD is a parallelogram with A and C diagonally opposite. The coordinates of A,B and C are (-3,-3),(1.-5) adn (9,1) respectively. The sum of the coordinates of point D is:

how do i sketch a linear equation?

i am wanting to know how to sketch a few graphs such as 2y=-6, y=-6, 5x=0


Help Please

A builder needs to build a ramp to a house. It starts at 10 meters from the house, and when it reaches the house it is 0.8 meters higher than where it started. Building regulations state that the... more
Linear Relations


Not sure how to do this question

Map shows a pipeline going straight from A(45,60) to B(65,40).How long is it if each unit ok the map =1km.Also, what are the coordinates halfway between A & B
Linear Relations


find another point on the line that passes through the given point and has the given slope (0,4);m=2/3

Please help     Thank you
Linear Relations Math Math Help Math Equations


Easy Grade 9 math help!

At a school dance, the student council sold cans of pop and bags of chips. The price of a can of pop is one and a half times the price of a bag of chips. The pop sells for $0.90 and they sold... more

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