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Linear Graphs


draw the graph for the cost of laptop is five times the cost of a computer

expess in equation and draw the graph for the cost of laptop is five times the cost  of a computer
Linear Graphs


Write down the gradient and y- intercept of the line y=-3x+4

Write down the gradient and y− intercept of the line y=−3x+4 how do I do it
Linear Graphs


Does -79 degrees equal 101 degrees when using tan^-1 to find the angle in a linear graph?

I need to find the acute angle of the equations y= 4x+4 and y=-5x+19. I do this drawing a horizontal line at the intersection point and finding the angles of both the lines (from the line to the... more
Linear Graphs Linear


how do you determine a linear relationship from a table?

i have to find the relationship between the length of a peice of rope and the number of knots tied in it. i have a table of my results, but dont know how to plot the graph or how to determine a... more

The birth rate B of multiple births as a function of age a is given by the function B (a) = 1.73a - 14.56 for 15 < or equal to 15 < or equal to 44.

The birth rate is the number of births per 1000 women. A multiple birth rate is any birth with 2 or more children born. A) What are the independent and dependent variables? B)  What is the domain... more
Linear Graphs


help needed!

how to find the equation of the line?
Linear Graphs


helpp pleasee!

how to find the rate of change?
Linear Graphs


For the equation, complete the given ordered pairs. 3x-y=7 (0, ), (1, ), ( ,7)

still don't understand what the equation is 
Linear Graphs


How many pens go missing per day

Ms. Hunter bought a box of 75 pens for her students to use in class. After 4 days, she had 63 pens left and after 15 days she only had 30 left. Assume her students are using them at a constant rate.
Linear Graphs


how to choose a number for x when graphing linear equations

how to understand graphing linear equations
Linear Graphs


How do you find the rule of x and y?

x:1,2,3,4,5,13,15 y:-1,2,7,14,23

how do i sketch a linear equation?

i am wanting to know how to sketch a few graphs such as 2y=-6, y=-6, 5x=0
Linear Graphs


how to find three solutions for this linear function G(x) in G(x) = 3x - 2 is and and how to plot the correct linear function?

 how to choose the correct the correct linear function?                                                 h
Linear Graphs


having trouble making an equation for a word problem

The number of volunteers of a worldwide organization has increased 5.2 million in 2002 to 11.5 million in 2010.   Find an equation for the line containing the given points. Let x represent the... more
Linear Graphs


I need help please

Find and equation for the line parallel to y=5x-7 with y intercept (0,4) write the answer in slope intercept form. I am confused I thought this was y=mx+b which is the first formula I don't... more

how is graphing a linear inequality similar to graphing a linear equation

 What are two major differences?  How can you tell if a point is a solution to an inequality. Is (2,3) a solution to the inequality 8x-3y>14


How do you solve and plot the points for y=3x-1

How do you solve and plot the points for y=3x-1.


How do you make a graph out of an equation? (x,y)

for example: x+2y=6 How would you make those into coordinates on a graph?

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