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Functions Word Problem Algebra 2 Algebra Equations


Salary plus Commision Equation

Jasmin gets paid a base salary of $700 a week. She also gets paid an additional $20 for ever 50 items she sells.I have to write an expression to represent this relationship. I have an equation but... more
Functions Word Problem


Write a function rule to represent the situation. the total cost C for p pounds of lithium if each pound costs ​$4.26

 I just need help
Functions Word Problem


A rock is projected directly upward from ground level, and its height as a function of time is h(t)=-60t^2+90t.

a) make a sketch of h(t) b) Determine the time at which the rock reaches its maximum height, and find that maximum height in feet. c) For what is the interval will the rock be more than 120 feet... more
Functions Word Problem


the graph in this function family has an increasing interval and a decreasing interval.

Functions Word Problem Functions And Domain


A sales person is paid a weekly salary of $760, plus a commission of 7.5%... Math Functions problem

A sales person is paid a weekly salary of $760, plus a commission of 7.5% of all her sales for the week. Express her weekly income in terms of the weekly sales amount. Is this a function? How do... more
Functions Word Problem


function word problem

According to data about movie ticket prices, between 2000 and 2014 the average cost of a movie ticket in a given year wasC(t) = 5.40 + 0.21t dollars.Here t is the time in years since... more
Functions Word Problem


us the fact that there are 5,280 feet in one mile to do the following. Now convert 900 inches per sec to miles per minute

Us the fact that there are 5,280 feet in one mile to do the following. Now convert 900 inches per second to miles per minute. Then convert 10 miles per day to feet per hour.
Functions Word Problem


Function word problem

Twitter monthly worldwide active users increased approximately linearly from 42 million users in 2010 to 218 million users in 2013. Let n be the number(in millions) of worldwide active users of... more
Functions Word Problem Functions


It costs $6 per pound for peanuts at Blessed Food Market. Which of the following represents the range of the function in term of cost per pound?

A. $6 B. Amount of peanuts  C. Cost of peanuts purchased D. Peanuts purchased 
Functions Word Problem


For the function ƒ(x) = 4x − 3, evaluate and simplify the expression:

f (a+h)-f(a)        h
Functions Word Problem


The output is two times the input less nine

I just really need the answer please :( homework due tomorrow thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.
Functions Word Problem


Graphing techniques

 The height of a rocket after T seconds is given by the function H(t) =18t-3t^2.  And how many seconds the rock in attaIns maximum height?
Functions Word Problem


There are always 3 more lecturers(x) then the current number of students(y)

need to find the equation of the question the function must start with "y ="
Functions Word Problem


If f(x)=-5 - 4 and g(x) = -3x - 2, find (f+g) (x)

 please reply soon
Functions Word Problem


functions question

Chris has bought 150 feet of fencing to build a rectangular pen. Write an equation that represents the length, L in terms of the width W and an equation that represents the area A in terms of the... more
Functions Word Problem Algebra 1 Domain And Range Functions


I've been working on the same problem for an hour and can't figure it out.

. A van rental company rents out 6, 8, 12, and 16 passenger vans. The function C(x)=11+5x represents the cost C(in dollars) of renting an x-passenger van for the day. Which of the following numbers... more
Functions Word Problem Algebra 1 Algebra 2 Algebra


What is the x-intercept for the function

What is the x-intercept for the function -12x - y + 7z = 96? Type your answer as a point, (x,y,z),   Please help I keep getting fractions for the points! Thank you in advance.
Functions Word Problem


A function f is given, and the indicated transformations are applied to its graph (in the given order). Write the equation for the final transformed graph.

f(x) = |x|; reflect in the x-axis, shift 1 unit to the right, and shift upward 3 units
Functions Word Problem


whats the function for this situtation

Maria gas 100 dollars from Christmas and earns $10 a week for doing chores
Functions Word Problem


if f(x)=5f(x-1)+3/5 and f(0)=1, what is f(30)?

if f(x)=5f(x-1)+3/5 and f(0)=1, what is f(30)? do I just replace x with 30 if so ,why is there f(0)=1?  
Functions Word Problem


Revenue Word Problem

You are managing a 1600 unit apartment complex. Currently, 800 units are rented at $300/month. A market survey has indicated that for each $5 you decrease the rent you will get by 20 new leases.a)... more
Functions Word Problem


Find a function f whose graph is a parabola with the given vertex and that passes through the given point. vertex (−1, 7); point (−3, −5)

What is a function that would work with the given vertex and point?
Functions Word Problem Algebra 1 Algebra 2 Algebra


f(x) = x^2 - 4x - 1 and g(x) = 3x...Find (f+g)(x)?

combination of functions
Functions Word Problem


You start out driving from your house to an old friend’s house in a different town which is 280 miles away.

After an hour and a half, you have gone 105 miles. Assuming your speed is constant, find a linear function, D(t) , which gives the distance from your house (in miles) as a function of time (in... more
Functions Word Problem Optimizing


What ticket price will maximize the revenue?

the student council plans to run the school talent show to raise money for charity. Last year, tickets sold for $11 each and 400 people attended. The student council has decided to raise the ticket... more

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