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How would I put the below details into an excel spreadsheet?

Year 1 - £350,000 target with a 30% margin, 100 clientsYear 2 - £700,000 target with a 27% margin, 250 clients Year 3 - £1,000,000 target with a 25% margin, 300 clientsI am selling to private... more

The Case for Hourly Estimates?

My boss has always operated on fixed pricing projects; where we rarely see a profit on. I'm on board with selling our clients hourly rates on large projects. We have yet to get a client willing to... more


Sales question

Go ahead and quote her as FOB our plant regular price and 10%off 1 time show order. For her request to get it Prepaid- we would need to add in roughly 10% for freight to this quote.Reg price is... more


Please help me compute for the additional profit. What would be the equation or formula?

A store owner average day sales of $500, realizing a profit of the selling price. To increase the volume of his sale, he advertised his goods spending an average of $20 a day for advertising. If... more

Linear Functions Homework that I don't get!!!! Please help!

I have 2 Homework questions: 1- A triangle has a height that is 4 timesas its base b. Graph the area A of the triangle as a function of a base b. Is is linear or nonlinear? increasing or... more

Is there a way to calculate the markup percentage based off of only the margin percentage?

Is there a way to calculate the markup percentage based off of only the margin percentage?


What fraction of the total sales for the four weeks is used to pay for supplies for each business? Write the answer in percent form as well.

Puterbaugh's Pizzeria: Total sales for four weeks: $4,920 Total money used on supplies for four weeks: $3038.68   Marino's Pizza: Total sales for four weeks: $6,687.90 Total money used on... more


Need algorithm to turn percent into cost per acquisition average

Can anyone find the algorithm so I can take a % and calculate the $ value if the following statements are true:20%=$9030%=$6040%=$4550%=$3660%=$30100%=$18 For example: what is the dollar value of... more


a 24 ounce bag for $1.19 or a 36 ounce bag for $2.89.

Which bag is the better deal? Justify your conclusion in full sentences.

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