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Create a linear function that yields the compensation (y) of a sales executive for a given amount of monthly sales (x).

An account executive receives a base salary plus a commission. On $50,000 in monthly sales, an account executive would receive compensation of $3200. On $60,000 in monthly sales, an account... more


How to translate 2 units to the right


How do I write an equation that models the data when it asks for "m"?

I am doing a question on a website called Big Ideas Math and I'm in Advanced Algebra in 8th grade. It has parts to a question and I have part a and c done. But part b says "Write a function that... more


Linear Functions

A sports team is throwing an end-of-season party at the fitness club. The costs associated with the party include a $120 flat fee for the room rental, and a $11.95 per person charge for the Italian... more


Is y=5/x a linear function?

Is y=5/x a linear function?


How do I graph f(x)=-3x+54?

I don’t understand how I am supposed to graph this amount of numbers when my graph only goes so far. Normally y=mx+b is my formula. It is still the same formula technically, but I am just overall... more


Finding linear function

Find the linear function h, given h(1)= -1 and h(-2) = 14. Then find h(3)


How to determine whether T is linearly independent ? Justify your answer please.

Let S={X1,X2,X3} be a linearly independent set of vectors in R^3. How to determine whether T={2X1 + X2 - 2X3,4X1+ 3X2,3X1 + 2X2 - X3} is linearly independent. Justify your answer please.


Is this True or False ? Justify please

If X1,X2 and X3 are vectors in R3 such that {X1,X2} and {X1,X3} are linearly independent sets, then {X1,X2,X3} is a linearly independent set.


I want to solve this, i need help. Justify your answer please.

Consider the linear system: x - 2y + 3z = 4 2x - 3y + az = 5 3x - 4y + 5z = b   For which values of a and b does the linear system have a) no solution, b) a unique solution, c) infinitely... more


Linear Functions problem

The population of a city increased from 21,300 to 31,300 between 2003 and 2008. Find the change of population per year if we assume the change was constant from 2003 and 2008.   The population... more


Find the functions formula

For each trip they charge an initial fee in addition to $0.15 for each vertical meter climbed. For instance the price for climbing all the way to the summit, which is 3500 meters above the base of... more


help! (please) i need to understand this for finals! thanks in advance!

a 2 foot tall tree is planted and then grows at a rate of 3 feet per year for 40 years. find a linear function that models the growth of this tree. sketch its graph. interpret its slope and... more


if the x intercepts of the line px +7y + 21 is 12 determine the value of P



write an equation of a vertical line that passes through the point (2,8)

i need this fast   ---------------------------



A straight line has the formula y=5x+8. Write and equation for another straight line that is parrallel to the first. 


in 12 months a store sold 4,000 games in 18 months a store sold 7,000 games how many games were sold in 48 months

it wants me to create a graph to show a linear function


Let p(x) be a linear function such that p(-1) = 2 and p(2) = -1

(a) Graph the function p(x). Note. You will be using the same axes to graph another function in the next problem, so read that problem before graphing p(x). (b) Determine a formula for p(x). 2.


Write a linear function that satisfies the given conditions

F(0)=4, f(1)=7


Linear functions

If a graph is a line that is perpendicular to the line g(x) = 8x − 4 and contains the point (1, 3), determine the linear function.


whats the answer to this linear function f(4)=9 and f(-4)=-7

i need help with this question for my homework assignment
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