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Three solutions that go with -2x-3y=-7

i need help on this question to find the solution pairs, so that I can graph it on the computer 

Graphing Awkward decimals with Table of Values.

Hi! Looking for some help on how to graph a y=mx + b equation when the b is a decimal always.   The equation is 3y + 5 = 9x   I've converted it to the y= mx + b equation: y = 9x -5            ... more

how do i find the intersection from my lines of best fit if they are side by side?

I have drawn my graph and my 2 lines of best fit. The next question is asking when they will 'connect' both lines are side by side each other. I do not know how to answer, please help

equations of the line

Find the equation of the line. write the equation using standard form notation. through (1,7) and (0,-2)

Writing equations of lines parallG Lel and perpendicular to a given line through a point

Consider the line y=(3/7)x-3. Find the equation of the line that is parallel to this line and passes through the point (9, − 6).Find the equation of the line that is perpendicular to this line and... more

What is the slope between (-3, 1) and (-3, 6)

find the slope between (-3, 1) and (-3, 6)

Graph this question

A limousine company charges an initial rate of $50.00 and $75.00 for each hour. what is the equation that models the fee for hiring this limousine company? Graph this equation.

Graphing and slope

A student incorrectly graphs the data and plots the volume on the y-axis and the mass on the x-axis. How will this affect the units for the slope of the line? What will the student need to do... more

graphing help

Solve the following system of linear equations by graphing. y = 2x + 6 and 2y = -3x + 6

Linear equation

The number of Starbucks stores worldwide in 2003 was 7225. In 2015, there were 23,041 Starbucks stores worldwide. Let y represent the number of Starbucks stores worldwide in the year X, where x... more

Equation of a line

Write an equation in point slope form of the line through the points( -3, 4 perpendicular to the line with equation 5x - 3 y =18

Geometry Graphing - Find missing coordinate when given length of line segment

Hello, I have been struggling with this particular question I feel like I know it I'm just fighting myself on which formula to use.   The questions state: Line segment AB is 2 to the square root... more

How do I find y+3x=-1 when using a table to graph a line

Using a table of x and y,how would I find y+3x=-1

How do you solve 3x-2y_< 15?

This is writing and graphing Linear Inequalities.

How would you convert 2x=12+2y to y=mx+b form?

Its a graphing problem

how to write an equation from a graph

Write the equation for the line shown in the given graph. Give your answer in slope-intercept form, y = mx + b. Use points that clearly cross the intersections of the graph paper. 1- if the graph... more

Graphing linear equations

A line passes through A(3,7), and B(-4,9). Find the value of "a" if C(a,1) is on the line.    I don't understand what I need to do to solve this problem.

Functions project... Help!

For an upcoming project I have to pretend to create a virtual race as a spinoff if the Tortoise and the Hare. The animals I am using are an elephant (25 mph) and a mouse (8 mph). I have to write a... more

Linear Functions Homework that I don't get!!!! Please help!

I have 2 Homework questions: 1- A triangle has a height that is 4 timesas its base b. Graph the area A of the triangle as a function of a base b. Is is linear or nonlinear? increasing or... more

Determine an equation that represents a graphed line

Which equation represents the graph line with the coordinate points (-6,-8) (6,-4) in point slope form.

Determine the graph of a linear equation

Draw a graph that represents the equation y= -2/3x+3
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