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What would you say water is?


Who invented the pencil?


When was the last ice age?

Geography Science


Which of the following best explains why coastal regions generally have more moderate air temperatures than inland regions of the same latitude?

A. Heat energy is transferred from inland areas to coastal areas during the summer and from coastal areas to inland areas during the winter. B. Most of the sunlight that reaches the ocean's surface... more



Q. The River Amazon does not form a proper delta when it reaches the ocean. Explain why this is so. Ans. The River Amazon does not form a proper delta when it reaches the ocean because the river... more
Geography Middle Ages Food


Did Ancient or Medieval People Know About Underground Rivers/Lakes?

If they did, did they utilize them for farming? If so, how would they?


Where was the pre-war (ww2) border between Poland and Germany?

I am interested in mapping the pre-war (WWII) border between Poland and Germany. Is there any data available in a public resource? Can anyone describe waypoints along the border in terms of... more
Geography Sql Geonames


Getting what seems to be incorrect data from GeoNames?

I have a hiking website. I am trying to query for parks big and small around the world where people could potentially go walking or hiking. I was trying to use the GeoNames data and was using... more
Geography Rivers Rainfall


How do rivers last so long in dry weather?

I got caught in a downpour while climbing a mountain and was amazed to see, as I climbed down, the tiny trickles of water combine to form mini-streams, the dry rocks I had climbed up now hosted... more


i need help with math help

find the exponential function in form y=ab^x that pass thru point (1,12) and (3,48)
Geography Science


Hottest climate

YouWhich would you find the hardest climate? Central Africa, northern China ,the southernmost part of Africa,Or the southernmost part of South America
Geography Maps Navigation


When is the best time of year to find the North Pole?

The Geographic North Pole or Terrestrial North Pole, is defined as the point in the Northern Hemisphere where the Earth's axis of rotation meets its surface.... more


From what point could you view the most US states?

A fairly simple question: from what single point could you see the most US states? It seems like it should be a popular tourist attraction.

Why was the Cold War carried out over the whole world instead of between Siberia and Alaska?

I was wondering why the conflicts, missile deployments etc. throughout the Cold War were basically all taking place in Europe, Africa and Asia, when in fact the US and Soviet Union were only... more
Geography Effects On Climate


The climate on the eastern coast of Japan is warm and rainy.

Geography Paris


What is the city center of Paris?

We are planning to go to Paris and want to know the normal (and not expensive) places to book a hostel or an Airbnb. I know for sure that these places won't be in the city center, but we want to... more


The term refers to territory and government, while the term refers to people

A) nation-state,state B) nation,nation-stateC) nation, state D) state, nation

Before it was "the Balkans"?

I'm working on a project set in the 15th century as the Ottoman Turks made forays into the West. I'm looking for an appropriate term for the region bordered by Anatolia, Romania and Bulgaria to... more


Where can I publish my paper for free?

Is there any magazine (or some other such place) where university students can publish a GIS/Geo related article freely (in English or French)?


Maximum size on the bounding box with ST_MakeEnvelope and && and geography column in PostGIS?

I've done quite a few google searches, but haven't managed to find anything that has helped me directly. I've got a few features in a PostGIS table with a geography column. The features are focused... more
Geography Usa Water Sports Lakes


Are there any natural lakes within 3-hours of Dallas?

I became engaged in a debate at work and I'm trying to track down an answer to the following: are there any natural (not man-made) lakes within a 3-hour drive of Dallas Texas? Keep in mind that... more

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