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One inch equals 1000 Miles. it is 2 1/4 inches from Zoltar to smaggarville. How many miles is this

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Why does Western Europe tend to have small 'in between' countries?

Why does Western Europe have small 'in between' countries? For example, Andorra is a tiny country between Spain and France. Another example is Luxembourg which is between France and Germany. Even... more
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Are there any ideas as to what the English landscape was like before the arrival of the Angles?

I am not sure if this question is within the guidelines (it may be), but I am curious as to this: In North America, for instance, it is often said it was heavily forested and that a squirrel could... more
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Which place(s) are the first to cross into New Year?

Say I wanted to be the first to celebrate the New Year: what place or places are the first to cross the into the New Year and how do I get there? I think I remember this may be some South Pacific... more


Number of Eastern Africa countries?

Are Rwanda and Burundi part of "Eastern Africa countries" or "East African countries". Some sources are differing.


Open Source Tools for Mobile GIS app development?

I want to create a complete **Map application** with the facilities of edit geometry and attributes of layers. The server and client for the application should be some **open source tools**. The... more


which is known as the "rooftop of the world"

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What is the Gulf Stream?

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What is the chemical symbol for gold?

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When using a compass, why not follow a degree mark without rotation?

Instead of taking a bearing the "official" way, why not just see what degree mark corresponds to on the direction I want to go (in real life or on a map), and follow that degree mark? That is, why... more


history IDK what it is

What physical characteristics made the Italian Peninsula an ideal location to establish settlements how did these early settlement interact with each other
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Why are there no rabbits at high altitude in the smoky mountains

Why are there no rabbits at high altitude in the smoky mountains ?


Why was the Cold War carried out over the whole world instead of between Siberia and Alaska?

I was wondering why the conflicts, missile deployments etc. throughout the Cold War were basically all taking place in Europe, Africa and Asia, when in fact the US and Soviet Union were only... more
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Why is it hot at the equator?

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Was America discovered before Columbus arrived?

It is so wonderful to imagine how much adventure has been had in this world!


Does gravity differ from place to place on Earth?

Does a particular object have the same weight on every part of Earth or does it vary?


Is there a map that displays every country at its correct relative size?

I know that the standard Mercator projection is completely wrong when it comes to the relative sizes of countries (Greenland appears relatively much larger than in reality, for example). AFAIK they... more


A city or a geographical area with corners forming only 45, 90, and 135 degree angles.?

Not sure this is a proper historical question, more like geographic, but since I'm asking about both current and historical cities, here it is. Preamble: In the industry I work in we deal with... more

Kurds and their relation to the start of civilization?

Is there a relationship between these folks and the start of civilization? Mehrdad Izady suggests that they started civilization via establishing the agricultural production. How can this be... more


How was the modern geographic boundary between Europe and Asia decided?

Wikipedia puts the boundary as: > The modern definition of Europe delimits it from Asia at the Aegean Sea, the Dardanelles-Sea of Marmora-Bosporus, the Black Sea, along the watershed of the... more
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At the northpole, which way is east?

If a person stands on the north, or south pole. How do they determine which way is east/west?
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How common are major cities not built by abundant water?

When you look at the biggest cities in the world, they all tend to be built on a major body of water, either a coast, a large lake, or a major river. This made sense in ancient times, as abundant... more

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