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Hello can you please help me in those questions I really need them

Currently the Canadian Federal government is a ______________________ government. The Prime Minister of our Country is ______________________________________ he represents the __________________... more


Hypothesis for a paper on Electoral Systems

Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Michael and I am preparing a proposal for my paper on electoral systems. In my paper I would like to examine, which state, UK or Canda is more propne to move towards a... more

Was there any distinction between the 13 Colonies and the Canadian provinces prior to the American Revolution?

Was there any distinction between the 13 Colonies that became the United States and the Canadian colonies/provinces prior to the American Revolution? For example, did New Brunswick and New... more

In early WW2, how much of the merchant marine was American?

WW2, before the US entered, ran from 1939 Sep 01 to 1941 Dec 07. During this time, a lot of merchant vessels sailed in convoy to Britain. I am wondering, of all the people who crewed those... more

Nit picky personal accounting question: What is the right way to record borrowing from yourself?

I keep a spreadsheet with my personal financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow) that generally follows the corporate approach. I omit considerations of depreciation, etc.... more

Were discrepancies from the 45th parallel in the US-Canadian border ratified?

I surmise that the discrepancy resulted from the inability of 18th-century land surveyors to be more precise than that. But my question is: Did later treaties ratify the details of 18th-century... more

Why was it deemed necessary that the “average person… knows they are on the border”, which resulted in the creation of the US-Canadian border slash?

Was there a particular need to "make sure that the 'average person… knows they are on the border'" that led to the slash, perhaps a dispute due to an ambiguity, or a treaty that required it? Or was... more


why is the st lawerence seaway important to canadas people

I have a social studies test and i need answers for my study guide. PLEASE HELP!!!

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