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What LANDFORM starts with a u??????


Question is in the description box

The growing political and economic influence of the European Union, the spread of American popular culture and political ideals, and the influence of the Internet are all examples of the __________... more
Geography English


If an ancient egyptan scribe were to be the pharoah's personal scribe would that mean they are treated better than the other scribes?

Would the, for example get special privileges only they would have? Would they get a reward? Would they eat the with the pharaoh? What would make them better than the rest of the scribes and be the... more


Does Singapore sometimes speak Chinese?



Where is Europe



What language does Ukraine speak?



Where is the Nile river?



How does artificial intelligence relate to globalization?

is Bolivia pacific time or eastern time

What is the time zone for the of country Bolivia (Santa Cruz)
Geography Eygpt


Is there any forest in Egypt



why there are different peaks in different heights


How can I find the nearest point on the coast from an ocean location?

Given some location of interest $X$ in a lake or in the ocean with known lat and lon, I'd like to find the lat and lon of the coastal location that is closest to $X$, as well as distance between... more

How can I calculate the sun rising time for a specific point on earth?

I'm looking for a tool, application, etc. that allows me to calculate the sun rising time for any specific point on the earth. I've found a lot of such tools, but all of them do not take mountains,... more


Did the ancient Greeks ever climb Mt. Olympus?

We all know that the ancient Greeks believed that their gods lived on top of the mountain Olympus (and some of them in other places like the Underworld). But Olympus - they knew where it was... more

What are spheres of influence?

A. Areas of china that the Japanese occupiedB. Areas of china that the Qing dynasty set aside for economic development C. Areas of china controlled by western powers for tradeD. Areas of china... more
Geography World Geography


World Geography

______ allows geographers to gain information by using satellites, airplanes, and/or electromagnetic radiation from a distance.
Geography Mesopotamia Syria


What is the historical name(s) for area between Syria and Mesopotamia?

Apologies if this is "really" a geographical question, but I suspect it must have been addressed by scholars of the past millenium of Middle Eastern history, not least because it is so central to... more

Is swimming a good way to build up muscles?

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