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Math help!!!

Which expressions are equivalent to -2.5(1 - 2n) - 1.5n? Select all that apply.   A. -2.5 - 3.5n   B. -2.5 + 3.5n   C. -2.5 - 6.5n   D. -2.5 - n(5 - 1.5)   E. -2.5 + n(5 -... more


find the greatest common factor of these two expressions

8x^7 w^8 y^5 and 28x^2 y^3
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I really need help to review because i have a test tomorrow

1) the product of a and 62 2) twenty more than p 3) the quotient of 7 and a number n 4) a number p minus 3 5) twice the difference of r and s
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i really really need help because I have a test tomorrow and i so confuse with this question. please help me!!

1. 7(3x)= 2. 8y+4x+6y= 3. 4(7x+5y)=


The product of -3 and t is greater than or equal to 12

Write an inequality that represents each verbal expression or graph.
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I really need help because I have a test tomorrow and i so confuse with this question. please help me!!

as a member of a music club, you can order CDs for $14.99 each. The music club also charges $4.99 for each shipment. The expression 14.99n + 4.99 represents the cost of n CDs. Find the total cost... more

I am confused ! Please help me

Find the restricted values of x for the following rational expression. If there are no restricted values of x, indicate "No Restrictions".−x + 4 / 13


Simplify the Expression

(-3x4y3) (4x-2y-5)
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help please

Simplify these expressions:   A) {(2x^2y^3)÷(3xy^4)}^2   B) {(x^3y^-2)÷(x^-1y^5)}^-1
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8 less than the product of 5 and -4

Isn't it   5(-4)-8 Or is there another way of putting it that is more accurate?
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Independent and Dependent Variables

You fill up your vehicle with gas that is $3.70/gal.   Define Variables:    x= ___________                              y= ___________ Equation:                _____________     Interpret... more


I need help understanding expressions!

At the grocery store, Lindsay bought several pounds of strawberries. The strawberries cost $2.25 per pound. After she paid the cashier, she had $8.75 remaining. Write an expression with one... more
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Does the expression for length = 7x^3 - 11x^2 ??

The width w of a rectangular swimming pool is 7x^2. The area A of the pool is 7x^3 – 42x^2. What is an expression for the length of the pool?    Does the expression for length = 7x^3 - 11x^2 ??  


Expressions in terms of x and y

At a company there are x male applicants and y female applicants. After all the interviews the company ends up hiring 16% of the male applicants and 15% of the female applicants. Write expressions... more


a number multiplied by -8, subtracted from the sum of 15 and five times the number



110 times 10 + 5 - 2 times 7 + 4

how do I solve this expression


-3 (6n-6) + 2n

Simplify using the distributive property  


How do you solve these

simplify and combine like terms   10.56 +4(8.2+4k)-2.36k   what is the value when a= 16 b=4 c=3   a/b+c(c2 +c )  


Need help with equivalent expressions

Mason works h hours each day during a 5-day workweek. He also works 5 hours on the weekend. I need two equivalent expressions for the number of hours Mason works each week.
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Need help with Equivalent Expressions

A rectangle has a length of n+3 and a width of 9. I need two equaivalent expressions for the area of that rectangle.
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Need help with expressions/terms

how do you combine terms? If possible can someone please tell me how to combine these?    12f - 3f 7.5g + 3.5g 180h + 35j 3/4k + 1/4k 7m + m 5n +n


Determine the expressions that represent the length and width of the rectangle

A rectangle has an area of 2q2-11q-21, where it's length and width are expressed by two binomials. 


Benito has x apples. He cuts each apple in half and gives each half to a different horse. Which expression represents the number of horses Benito feeds?

Choices:    a. x • 1/2 b. x ÷ 1/2 c. x • (1)1/2  d. x ÷ (1)1/2

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