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Simplifying Expressions Math Precalculus


Evaluate and Simplify: f ( 2a ) = (2a + 4) / (2a^2 + 1)

Please leave step by step process of how you got the answer. thanks!
Simplifying Expressions Algebra 1


Simplifying expressions

Three times the sum of a number and six
Simplifying Expressions Adding


what is 6a squared -5ab

it is an expression and I have to simplify it                      
Simplifying Expressions


Elementary Algebra: simplifying by combining like terms

The expression I have is as follows:    Simplify by combining like terms.    6t-12t = (figure it out)   I'm looking at this and wanting to go okay... so 6(t-2t) Divide this side by the 6,... more
Simplifying Expressions Precalculus Simplify Pre Calculus


Help simplifying?

simplify.   2sin2x/2 -1
Simplifying Expressions


Tyra can clean the house herself in 4 hours. if kyra helps her, they can finish in 1 hour. how long would it take kyra to clean alone

i don’t know how to set up the problem   
Simplifying Expressions Algebra 2 Algebra Expressions


Simplify radical ^3√-27...?

3√-27   A.) 9 B.)-3 C.)5 D.)±3
Simplifying Expressions Algebra 2 Algebra Algebra Help


Find the square root of √96x2y?

√96x2y   A.)4xy√6 B.)4x2√6y C.)4xy2√6 D.)4x√6y
Simplifying Expressions Alegbra Math Help


Math Help needed

1) Simplify the expression and show the check of your answer. Assume that x and y represent nonnegative real numbers. √(64x^12 y^20 ) 2) Simplify the expression. Assume that x and y represent... more


Simplify this expression:

(3/y-1) - (3/y2-1)   The answers can be any of the following (I am prepping for a placement exam at a university):   A) 3y/(y+1)(y-1)   B) 5y/(y+1)(y-1)   C) 3y/(y+2)(y-1)   D)... more
Simplifying Expressions


1. Simplify (2a 3 b) −3

1. Simplify (2a 3b)−3
Simplifying Expressions Math Algebra Simplify


Confused. I am trying to multiply and then simplifying an expression, but the answer is not coming out right

Trying to figure this out but the answers my teacher provided are not adding up (pun).   If I am multiplying and then simplifying an expression, how does cube root of 6x times cube root of 12x^4... more
Simplifying Expressions


Help Please! Practical equation solving for work

Hello! I am at work and trying to find a formula for calculating the number of shares of a stock to buy, after the price has fluctuated from your original buy in, to give you your chosen average... more
Simplifying Expressions


What is a+b in simplifying expressions

I need help with this question please could someone help me 
Simplifying Expressions Algebra 1 Trinomials Factoring


Find an expression in simplified form for the perimeter of Sally's patio?

Sally's rectangular patio has a length of (5x - 2) meters and an area (A) of 15x2 - 11x + 2 square meters   find an expression in simplified form for the perimeter of Sally's patio
Simplifying Expressions


What are the steps to simplify

Please walk me through the steps to simplify 21 - (32y + 9 - z)


Simplify completely and arrange in descending order: (-2-x)(x^(2)-4x+1)-(x+3)(-x^(2)-2x+3)

Not sure how to simplify this.
Simplifying Expressions Math Simplify Math Help


Simplifying Question

How do you simplify this?   4(x-5)3(x+6)7 + 7(x+6)6(x-5)4      
Simplifying Expressions


simplify the expression

(z^-4*x^4/3)^1/5 write your answers without using negative exponent.assume that all variable are positive real numbers
Simplifying Expressions


What is 9/10m - 3/5 + 4/5m + 1/2m ??

Simplifying Expressions


(-2x + 7) - (-5x - 5)

I dont know how to solve this equation i need to simplify it but i don't know how to.
Simplifying Expressions Variables


How do you simplify 2y-(x-y)

 I've been having trouble with parentheses, please help!
Simplifying Expressions


How can I simplify t+2+6t and just make it a shorter equation

I need to make it a shorter equation. I do not need to solve the equation.
Simplifying Expressions


Honors problem 21

Simplify the expression: 8x(x + 4) - 4(x - 10)

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