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6th Grade Math


4.1 puzzle time

I need answers on how to change a fraction into a percent because in my math class we have this thing call 4.1 puzzle time.
6th Grade Math Fractions Dividing Fractions


After dinner Maya has 1/4 of a pan of brownies left. She divides the brownies into 3 containers. How much of the pan of brownies does she put into EACH container?

If you have 1/4 of a pan of brownies, how could you draw that out? If this amount of remaining brownies was divided into 3 containers, how would you represent that?
6th Grade Math Math


6th grade math with variables

The surface area of any cube, , with side length, , can be determined using the formula  . What is the surface area of a cube with the side length of 2.1 centimeters? A 26.46... more
6th Grade Math


Evaluate 16a−b when a=12 and b=7.

6th Grade Math


Math please help i do not understand

Here is a right triangle. What is its area? What is the height h for the base that is  units long? Show your reasoning. include a math problem
6th Grade Math Math Algebra 6th Grade


27.6 tons is what percent of 127 tons

Please answer ASAP!!!! I need an answer by Sunday 11:59 MT, please. Thanks a bunch!
6th Grade Math


6th grade mathematics

The length of a rectangle is 4 inches greater than 2 times the width. The width of rectangle is 5 inches. What is the area of the rectangle in square inches.
6th Grade Math Prealgebra


Peter bought 8 lemons for $6 how much does each lemon cost?

6th Grade Math Ratio Value Coins


1056 coins in a jar

A jar contains three nickels for every four dimes and 6 quarters for every two nickels. Create a diagram to determine how many of each coin is in the jar if there are 1056 total coins in the jar.... more
6th Grade Math Prealgebra Composite Numbers


What is a REAL LIFE example of a Composite Number concept? Explain

I have written 4 friends share 1 large pizza, 16 pieces, equally how much pizza does each friend get?Facts: 16 slices to 1 pizza, 4 friends. divideeach friend gets 4 slices.Is this a good example?
6th Grade Math Prealgebra


A florist makes a bouquet using 4 roses, 5 carnations, and 3 daffodils. What is the ratio of roses to the total number of flowers in the bouquet ??

A florist makes a bouquet using 4 roses, 5 carnations, and 3 daffodils. What is the ratio of roses to the total number of flowers in the bouquet ??
6th Grade Math Prealgebra


triple u , add the result to 7, then multiply what you have by t

6th Grade Math Prealgebra 7th Grade Math


how to find a eqautin for my problem

Tom has 12 quarters he has as three times as many quarters as dimes
6th Grade Math Prealgebra


Charlie has a lot of baseball cards, Maggie has 2 times less cards. Together they have 480 cards. How many cards does Charlie have?

Hint: you might write and solve an equation in order to solve this problem
6th Grade Math Prealgebra


I am trying to figure out 1.5cm times what equals 1/6th squared

6th Grade Math Prealgebra


Abc Car Rentals

The Hunt family is attending a family reunion. They plan to rent a car from the ABC Car Rental Company. Let m represent the number of miles the family will drive. Let c represent the cost for... more
6th Grade Math Prealgebra


How many 1/2 cup servings are in a box of oatmeal that contains 6 3/4 cups of oatmeal?

i don’t know the answer so I’m trying to get help?
6th Grade Math


Interpreting division situations

Andre poured 27 ounces of rice into 6 containers. If all containers have the same amount if rice, how many ounces are in each container?Write an equation to represent the situation. Use a ? To... more

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