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Expression Math Algebra


translate mathematical expression

I need to translate this:6 more than the quotient of the area, A, and 7


2(x^2-1) +3x(x-4)

Expression Grammar French


Why we don't use "visiter + personne" in French ?

Expression Elementary Math


Working with expression

Stella plans to walk 12 miles during a week. On Monday she walks 4 miles and Tuesday 5 miles. How much more she have to walk?
Expression Algebra 1 Algebra


Algebra Expression (Words to numbers) How do you do this?

The product of 8 and the quantity 9 less than c is less than 13.
Expression Algebra 1


Translating into equation

Seven less than the product of 6 and b equals 8
Expression Algebra 1


Write an expression to represent the following product of 6 and a number decreased by 11

Evaluate the expression for n=12
Expression Algebra 1


Expression of 39 less than the product of 51 and 36



an expression about subtracting two numbers from a given number under what circumstances will the value of the expression be negative give an example

I need help about this question because it is confusing.


Translate this phrase into an algebraic expression 16 more than twice mabel age

Use the variable m to represent Mabel age

A rectangular swimming pool of length l and width w has a perimeter of 64 feet.

a) Write an expression that represents that area of the swimming pool in terms of w. b) Use your expression from part(a) to determine the dimensions of the pool that maximize the area. What do you... more
Expression Simplify


Write an expression and simplify: the difference of -12 and -5, increased by 24

Write an expression and simplifY
Expression Logarithms Expand


Expand the expression log(z^3/sq. rt. x^5y). Each logarithm should involve only one variable and should not have any radicals or exponents.

Please Use properties of logarithms to expand the expression. log(z^3/sq. rt. x^5y)Each logarithm should involve only one variable and should not have any radicals or exponents.You may assume that... more


Four times the diffrence of a number and 3

I have to write an expession to represent each scenario foe example 3 less than 4 times the number or the pruduct of 8 and the sum of a number and 3 


Four times the diffrent of a number

I have to write an expression to represent each scenario Like 3 less than 4 times a number Or the product of 8 and the sum of a number and 3  


Use the Distributive property to solve 15(w+8)

Solve 15(w+8)


What is the value of this expression if x=4

A) 2 B) 8 C) 14 D) 20


A quadrilateral has sides with lenghts: 2x, x+4, 2x-2, and 3x+1. Write an expression for the perimeter of the quadrilateral.

2x, x+4, 2x-2, and 3x+1  Write an expression.


what an expression equivalent -3(x-4)

i have to find an expression equivalent to -3(x-4) and i think i have to use the destributive property
Expression Algebra


What expression represents the charge for the state park?

The charge for parking at a particular states is A dollars per vehicle plus B dollars per person in the vehicle. What expression represents the charge for 3 vehicles with N people people at the... more


Word problem

Gabriella is x years old. Her sister Felicia is six years older than she is. Their mother is twice as old as Felicia. Their aunt Tanya is x years older than their mother. Write and simply an... more


What is the simplest form of (3x^3 y^-4/ 6x^-2 y^6)^-1?

Answer choices are A) x/2y^2 B) x^5/2y^10 C) 2y^2/x D) 2y^10/x^5
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