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Simplify the following expression. Use only positive indices in your answer.

(u^5p/u^4p u^2p)^5
Expressions Real Numbers


Evaluate the expression and write the result in the form a+bi

Evaluate the expression (-2-√(-4)))(-4+√(-25)) and write the result in the form a+bi the real number A equals? the real number B equals?  


What does two more than a number squared

I need help
Expressions Variables


I need help solving an expression

This is the problem: 12y/13*11/24
Expressions Value


the value of the expression 4+5 (times)6-3 is?

THE value of the expression 4+5(times) 6-3 is?
Expressions Analyzing Tables


how to write an expression that can be used to find the nth term of each sequence?

numbers involved: 7,10,13,16,19,22,25


in this problem i got 5 positive -4+(-8)+8+8-13+15-(-10)-6+(-8)-(-13) i want to now if my answer is right ?

well i did my work & i got 5 & i have 3 choices  one is 15, -5 , -14


how do I translate between table and expressions

How I translate between tables and expressions. I have a table and I need to find the missing values expressions in each table  
Expressions Algebra 1


what does it mean "the expression can be rewritten by writing subtraction as the addition of the opposite ?

if 3x2-5y+2xy-x-7 do I change the + to - and the - to + I have never taken these courses before and my instructor explains it so fast I didn't understand ?


How do you simplify (x-2)+4(x-2)+3(x-2)?

I need help on simplifying this expression.
Expressions Algebra 2


condense the expression. ln 4xy^2 - 2 ln x^2 y

I don't know how to condense ln expressions.
Expressions Power


(cw)^h = Complete this expression

  (cw)^h =         Complete this expression
Expressions Math Prealgebra Algebra


Can you simplify this expression: -(9x-3)

Please simplify the following expression: -(9x-3) thank you very much. thank you very much. thank you very much. thank you very much. thank you very much. thank you very much. thank you very... more

How do you rewrite expressions using the distributive property? Not simplifying.

7r+8r+2, 3a+6b, x(6+8), 2(5x+8y) I don't understand how to rewrite them.


im having trouble with simplifying an expression into the form of ax^n. no negative exponents aloud in final answer



How do I solve 3/2x+4=6/x ? Thx

How do I solve for x ?
Expressions Properties


7.(y.3) use one or more properties to rewrite without parentheses

Directions state to use one or more properties to rewrite the expression as an expression that does not use parentheses. another question example is (a+5) + 23

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