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Rational Equations (Please HELP!)

Betty walks 5 kilometers from her house to Divisoria to buy a new bike which shewill then use to return home. She averaged 10 kilometers faster on her bike than on foot. Ifher total trip took 1... more
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The cost C of producing x thousand calculators is given by the following equation.

C = -13.6x2 + 13590x + 620000 (x less than or 150) Write a rational expression that gives the average cost per calculator when x thousand are produced.​ (Hint: The average cost is the total cost C... more
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Rational Expressions

Part 1One of the famous Grand Prix races takes place in Monaco, a small country south of France and West of Italy. Each Spring, racers from around the world come to this prestigious event.... more
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Need equation and amount of time took

Using the MaxPower pump it takes 5 days to empty the town swimming pool. The SuperMaxPower pump can empty 2 pools in 7 days. If both pumps are used together to empty the pool how long will it take? more
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Find speed limit and equation

A person drives 390 Miles on a stretch of road. Half the distance is driven traveling 5 mph below the speed limit, and half the distance is driven 5 mph above the speed limit. If the time spent... more
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What is the restrictions for the following rational expression?

-2x/3 = -3x/5 - 2/3: This is the equation and I am trying to determine what are the restrictions or if there any restrictions of this rational expressions.
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Explain why f(x) = x−4 is not the identical function of g(x) = x2 −7x + 12/ x−3 .

Explain why f(x) = x−4 is not the identical function of g(x) = x2−7x +12/ x−3.
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L=14J+3K solving for K

Rational Expressions Algebra 1


At smiths bike rentals,it costs $28 to rent a bike for 5 hours.How many hours of bike use does a customer get per dollar?

Rational Expressions word problem what does the customer pay per dollar?
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Rational Expressions

One number is 1/2 of another number. The sum of the two numbers is 33. Find the two numbers.
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Rational Expressions, Equations, and Functions

Moving sidewalks. The moving sidewalk at O'Hare Airport in Chicago moves 1.8ft/sec. Walking on the moving sidewalk, Roslyn travels 105ft forward in the time it takes to travel 51ft in the opposite... more
Rational Expressions


equations containing fractions

A quality control inspector found 3 defective transistors in a shipment of 500 transistors. At this rate, how many transistors would be defective in a shipment of 2000 transistors?
Rational Expressions


rational equation

Jordan can build a birdhouse in 2 hours. If it takes her sister 3 hours to build a birdhouse, how long will it take them to build a birdhouse together?
Rational Expressions


ratio problems

Jack's boat consumes 1.8 gallons of fuel per mile while his brother's boat consumes 2.7 gallons per mile. What is the ratio in fuel consumption to Jack's brothers boat to Jack's boat.
Rational Expressions Absolute Value


an incorrect definition of an absolute value is (pick one)

an incorrect definition of an absolute value isA: |x|= x for x>0, 0 for x=0, -x for x<0B: |x|= x for x > or equal 0, -x for x<0C: |x|= x for x>0, -x for x< or equal 0D: |x|= x for... more
Rational Expressions


Is A=s^2 is a area formula that show a joint variation

Is A=s^2, A=π^2, A=l•w formula that show joint variation?

Why the answer is 1:500 but not 1:250000

The actual area of a playground is 900m2.If the area of the playground on a map is 36 cm2,then the scale of the map is? i thought the answer is 36:900*100*100=1:250000 but is wrong
Rational Expressions


a farmer has 20 boxes of eggs there are 6 eggs in each box what is the ratio ?

 also what is the simplest form  
Rational Expressions


Working together, two pumps can drain a certain pool in 3 hours. If it takes the older pump 13 hours to drain the pool by itself,

Working together, two pumps can drain a certain pool in 3 hours. If it takes the older pump 13 hours to drain the pool by itself, how long will it take the newer pump to drain the pool on its own?  
Rational Expressions Word Problems


How fast were the girls going

Silvia rode her bike 40km in the same time as Tracy rode28km. Tracys rate was 3kmh slower how fast were they


How to solve this trigonometry question?

You pay $145 for canning supplies plus $0.75 for each food item you can.a. How many canned items must you complete for the average cost per canned item to fall to $1?   b. What happens to the... more
Rational Expressions


Rationalize the denominator and simplify following expression

3√¼   please sow me steps and answer  in radical form. I keep getting 3√3/2
Rational Expressions


Find xyz in the equation of x^3y^2z=5^3 and yz^2=5^9

I don’t have any details to my question . Thank you 

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