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im having trouble with simplifying an expression into the form of ax^n. no negative exponents aloud in final answer


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1 Answer

Hi, Julia.

It looks to me like your problem is:

  (40x)       (40x)-8  
 (-4x)2^4      (-4x)-2^4

When an exponent is raised to another exponent, as in the denominator, you multiply the exponents.

 (40x)8     (40x)-8
 (-4x)8       (-4x)-8

What I see here is the same base in both numerators and the same base in both denominators, so I am going to simplify the exponents further. When the same bases are multiplied, then you add the exponents.

8 + -8 = 0, so:


Anything to the zero power is 1, so this simplifies to 1/1, or 1.

Hope this helps.