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Word Problem Help Conic Sections Parabola Vertex


Find the vertex of the parabola with focus at (0,7) and passes through the points (±2, 7) and (±1, 5).

It would be nice if the solution is also stated so I can understand it more thoroughly. Thank you!
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Dimishing returns weight loss word problem help

Mike was successful in losing weight. He had target weight in mind. He went on diet for 3 months and each month, he would lose 1/3 of difference between his current weight and target weight plus... more


Precalculus word problem help

A certain right triangle has area 65 square inches. One leg of the triangle measures one inch less than the hypotenuse. Let x represent the length of the hypotenuse. Write the legs of the triangle... more
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Precalculus word problem

An arch going into an alley is in the shape of a downward opening parabola. The base of the arch is 10 ft. wide, and the arch is 15 ft. high at its center. How wide is the arch 10 ft. up?


Finding exponential decay given half-life problem

The half-life of a certain radioactive substance is 10 years. Initially there are 100 grams of the substance. Let A(t) be the number of grams of the substance at time t years. Find each of the... more
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Continuous compound problem

How long will it take for an investment of $1000.00 to grow to $6000.00 at an interest rate of 3% if interest is compounded a) 3 times per yearb) Continuously
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Write each expression in equivalent expanded form. ( More in Description )

Pizza Palace sells 10x10 inch square pizza. Pan Pizzas sell a 10-inch diameter circular pizza where x represents the width of the uncovered crust. Pizza Palace square pizza's uncovered crust is... more
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What is the coordinate of the vertex of the function and explain the interpretation of the vertex in this context?

devyn and erin are both members of the same springboard diving team. Devyn competes on the 3-meter springboard. Devyn would like to generate on initial velocity of 10 meterper second, which would... more
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all angles are 180 degrees

in a triangle the sum of all angles is 180. in ABC, angle b is 20 less than angle A and angle C is 10 more than three times angle A
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item sold per week for $. Decrease price and more items sold. How many items to sell to maximize revenue

A skateboard shop sells about 50 skateboards per week for $70.  For each $1 decrease in price, about 1 more skateboard per week is sold.  How many skateboards does the shop need to sell to maximize... more
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math homework

Consider the restaurant Pepperoni Passion, which sells only pepperoni pizza. The expenses for the restaurant are shown below.Monthly Fixed CostsGeneral Labor $1,700Rent $2,700Insurance... more
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math homework

You sell a product for $45. Your weekly fixed costs are $190, and it costs you $2.60 per unit in variable costs to produce the product. If you sell 5 units this week, will you break even?
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one train leaves at 1:45pm another leaves at 1:55 pm the first one travels 45k/h the second travels 55k/h when do they meet

I need help with this ASAP or I will get suspended 
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Word problem!

The school play sold $550 in tickets one night. The number of $8 adult tickets was 10 less than twice the number of $5 child tickets. How many of each ticket were sold? 
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how many copies does a machine make in 1 minute?

The equation given is y=120x
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Find the length of each side

The perimeter of a triangle is 52 feet. One side of the triangle is 6 feet longer than the second side. The third side is 1 foot longer than the second side. Find the length of each side.
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twenty gallons of crude oil were poured into two containers. If there are "g" gallons of crude oil in one container, how much is in the other?

 this question is troubling me, to the point i don't know how to add further details
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Distance, rate, time

A jet plane is traveling 400 mph overtakes a propeller plane traveling at 250 mph that had 4 hour head start. How far from the starting point are the planes
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Word problem

for this question, only formally define your variables and set up the system. Do not solve the system or ans the question. Samuel invested part of his $10,000 inheritance in a fund and the rest in... more

Fifty identical books are stacked in one pile

Fifty identical books are stacked in one pile. The height of each book is 7 cm, to the nearest cm.  Work out the maximum height of the pile.
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The # of student tickets sold was equal to 3 times the # of adult tickets sold decreased by 56. Student tickets cost $3.50 and adults $5.

The total receipts were $2005. How many adult tickets were sold? I don't know how to write the equation for this. Pls help me solve this
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How many juniors attend Castro high school

The total number of students in the junior and senior classes at Castro high school is 560. If there are 76 more juniors than seniors, how many juniors attend Castro high school.
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You had 27 tails 34 heads and 88 legs how many total snakes lizards and frogs do you have

The pet store had snakes, lizards and frogs. How many total if you had 27 tails, 34 heads, and 88 legs what would the total be
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If I bought 3 books and an album for 25 dollars but the album was double the money of each of the 3 books how much did i spend on the album?

If I bought 3 books and an album for 25 dollars but he album was double the money of each of the three books how much did the album cost?  

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