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please help with this!!!

the sum of four consecutive integers is -62. what are the four integers?
Integers Math Exponents


How would I write -7^-2 using positive exponents?


Find three consecutive positive even integers such that the sum of the squares is 776

this may seem like an easy question to anyone but for me, not so much, PLEASE HELP!


Find the integes

if the sum of two consecutive even integers is -18 find the integers
Integers Math


Order from Least to Greatest

0, |-14|,13, -12, |-16|, 17
Integers Math


What is the elevation of the surface of the lake? Use absolute value to explain.

The deepest point of Lake Titicaca in South America is -922 feet relative to its surface. The deepest point is 11,542 feet above sea level. What is the elevation of the surface of the lake? Use... more


Integers Math Problem (I need help please!)

Find three consecutive positive even integers such that the product of the two smaller integers is 16 more than the largest. 12


An elevator is on the twentieth floor.IT goes doen 11 floors and then 5 floors.

What floor is the eleveator on now


What are the weights of the five boxes?

A shipping manager wants to determine the weight of five boxes. Each weighs a different integer amount less than 100 kg. Unfortunately, the only scales available measure weights greater than 100... more
Integers Math Algebra 1 Odd


the sum of four consecutive odd integers is -72. write an equation to model this situation. find the value of the four integers

the work that I did is 4x+6=-72x=-19.5the integers would be -19.5,-18.5,-17.5,-16.5my math final is tmr and I could really use this answered immediately


How do you find the integral of a linear line?

The equation given is y=1.1x with the domain: [0,13] and range: [0,12.9]


Rich chooses a 4-digit positive integer. He erases one of the digits of this integer. The remaining digits, in their original 4-digit integer, the result is 6031. What is the sum of the digits of the

Can the answers have good proof, and a good understanding of HOW you got the answer, and the steps. Please and thank you.Question Cont'd: original 4-digit number?
Integers Prealgebra


What situation could the integer -50 represent

An increase of 50$ in a bank account?The temerature on a warm spring day?The distance driven on the way to the beach ?A decrease of 50$ in a bank account?
Integers Algebra 1


Solving math equations

The sum of two numbers is 41. The larger number is one less than twice the smaller number. What are the numbers?

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