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Scale factor, Price per meter

A rectangular display, with the dimensions 3m by 4m, shows the layout for Trout River conservation area. The display was created using a scale of 1:150. It costs the state $0.65m2 to maintain Trout... more

how do you factor the problem below

how do you factor x4-8x?


Help! please and thank you!

#1 Factor completely. If a polynomial is prime, state this. 35x^2 − 57x − 44 #2Factor completely. Remember to look first for a common factor. If a polynomial is prime, state this. 3t^2 − 3
Factor Algebra


2x^2+5x+3 factor

2x^2+5x+3 factor
Factor Bahupad


Factor of (x4+2x²+9)

Factor Theorem.

given the x+2 and 3x-1 are factors of the expression 3x^3-10x^2+px+q, find the values of p and q. Hence, find the third factor of the expression.   I already found that p=-27 and q=10 but i don't... more


Which is a factor?

Which of the following is a factor of 5x2+7x-6?    A. X-1  B. X-2  C. 5x+3  D. 5x-3


I'm trying to compile a list of every possible 2-number multiplication equation that could result in one certain number. What formula should I use?

I want to find every possible way to multiply two numbers and get a certain answer.

Please HELP....I really need this

Determine the value/s of k to make the trinomial factorable a.) x(squared)+5x+k b.) 32a(squared)-ka-5 c.) 6m(squared)-17+k


Factor this. 12vw^3x^8-18v^7w^7 Please

Factor this. 12vw^3x^8-18v^7w^7 Please



how do I factor this 


x^2 + 3x -10=0

solve solution by factoring 
Factor Word Problem


If a segment is 24 cm long and is dilated by a factor of 5/6, what will be the length of the corresponding dilated segment?

Im not sure how to do this problem? please help! thank you!


What numbers multiply to equal .042

The question is: What two numbers multiplied equals.042? The answer from those two numbers has to equal .16.  Example: What two numbers when multiplied equals 42 and when those two numbers are... more
Factor Polynomial Graph


Factor fully then graph the following function.

HELP ME!!!! I need to factor this using synthetic division and factoring and stuff but have no idea how!   24x^8 - 194x^7 + 201x^6 + 1713x^5 - 4203x^4 + 657x^3 + 4458x^2 - 2176x - 480


what is the domain of x^4-7x^3+7/(3x+8)(x-4)

answer should be in set notation


Factor completely

4w-49w^3   if polynomial state this


Factor by grouping

factor. Using factoring by grouping even though it would seem reasonable to first combine like terms    3r^2-7r-21r+49
Factor Algebra1


Fifteen more than the square of a number is eight times the number

Put this into an equation and solve


How to factor 2x^2 — 1

Hi, how do i factor 2x2—1 ? 

x^2(3)(2x + 1)^3(2x) + (2x + 1)^4(3x^3)

Factor the expression completely. 


Factor by grouping 20x^3-28x^2+15x-21

Factor the equation by grouping 


help please

Factor the following polynomials completely:   A) 3x^4-12x^2   B) 4x^2-12x+9   C) 6x^2-x-12   D) 3x^3+3x^2y-18xy^2


Left Side Factored

Factor the left side of the equation... I have no clue how to do this...   1) x2-y2=1     2) y2-x2/4=1     3) x2-y2/9=1

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