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Software Recommendation Drawing


Software for cartoon creation, to make a web comic without drawing by hand?

Here is my dilemma. For a while now I have had some ideas kicking around in the back of my mind for a web cartoon. I would like to try to put the idea into reality, but I run into one tiny little... more
Software Recommendation Drawing Games Tools


What do I need to start creating professional drawings?

What tools or software or devices are neccessary to create proffesional drawings for games for example? How to draw something and be able to use it on PC?
Software Recommendation Drawing Vector


Designing images with dimensioning?

Are there any graphics programs that work like AutoCad or Inventor where you can draw objects and give them precise dimensions? Even better, something parametric like Inventor. I don't like lining... more
Software Recommendation Video Production Editing Video


Software for video cut automation / scripting?

I am very new to a/v editing and need to automate a simple process. Basically what I need is a way for my mom to capture video from her camera and input a series of numbers like 1:02 1:30 ... more
Software Recommendation Video Production Video Audio


How do I turn audio into video (that is, show the waveforms in a video)?

I have to create a video. Part of it involves "showing" a radio interview. Rather than just having a black screen and listening to the audio, I'd like to have a varying waveform on the screen and a... more
Software Recommendation Video Production Editing Video


How to burn HD videos with menu system onto DVD media?

I'll be getting a HD editing rig soon at my studio where we make mostly corporate AVs. So far our format is PAL SD and usually the delivered product is a MPEG or AVI as the client demands.... more
Software Recommendation Graphic Design Font Identification


How can I automatically determine fonts used in an image or PDF?

How is it possible to determine the fonts used by text in PDF and TIFF files?
Software Recommendation Video Production Video


Are there any good video editing programs with a command line interface?

I am currently looking for a video editing program which I can control via the command line. The main feature I need is the ability to add some overlay text. Is there anything out there that can do... more


Which modern software is a decent successor / replacement for Fireworks?

Just to give a little context, I have a background as a design-savvy developer (not a developer-savvy designer). I worked at an agency many years ago. I've been out of the design game for about 3... more
Software Recommendation Adobe Illustrator Font Design


How to make a font with Adobe Illustrator?

I have recently created my own font/typeface with Adobe Illustrator, and I would like to use it as a real font (e.g I would like to use it as I type something). Is this possible in Adobe... more
Software Recommendation Video Production Video Audio


Free software to synchronize audio and video recorded at the same time?

So I just filmed something using two webcams and a separate audio recorder. This means I have 3 files, 2 video, 1 audio and they all need to be synced and then I need some sort of software which... more
Software Recommendation Adobe Illustrator Measurement Vector


Is there a way to calculate the total length of all paths in a vector file?

I have a laser bed that people send me vector art to cut out. I charge by the inch and need a way to quickly select all of the vector artwork and get a total distance of all the paths.Are there any... more
Software Recommendation Windows Graphic Design Android


Alternative for Sketch on Windows?

I recently came across a tool called "Sketch", which is great for designing apps and other responsive layouts, and has great resources as well. For now, it's only available for Mac though. What... more
Software Recommendation Adobe Illustrator Vector Graphic Design


Alternative to Adobe Illustrator?

Can you recommend a good alternative to Adobe Illustrator? I am learning vector based graphic design, but I am not ready to make such a large investment as to purchase a copy of Adobe Illustrator.... more
Software Recommendation Graphic Design Font Design Fontlab Studio


Is there any open-source alternative to Fontlab out there?

I used to work with Fontlab Studio to design and compile my fonts. Years have passed and my former Fontlab install vanished into the voids of a crashing harddisk.Now that I'm gaining interest in... more
Software Recommendation Video Production Dvd Video Quality


how to burn full hd movies (1080px720p) in DVD?

How can i burn or write Full HD videos like (marriage videos) in 1080px720p in regular DVD. I tried many softwares but couldn't get the job done.
Software Recommendation Adobe Photoshop Drawing Adobe Illustrator


Trying to realise my goal (a new way of thinking)?

I'm trying to find the fastest way, to draw on a high-end level. I am decent in Photoshop, but find myself using a lot of time with details and cleaning up my drawing.So I started to research and I... more
Software Recommendation Adobe Photoshop Drawing


How to put image reference above all windows when drawing in photoshop?

i am drawing in photoshow cs4 in windows7.i am using some image references from google but i have to switch windows to look at them and then back to photoshop. is there a way to put some image... more


Why use Fireworks for website design?

I've used Photoshop to design (more or less) every website I've made in the past 9 or 10 years. I hear people going on about Fireworks saying that it's excellent for web design and prototyping.When... more


Windows Software to record from Webcam & Screen?

I'm looking for software which can simultaneously record video from my computer's web cam at the same time as recording the content displayed on screen.**More Detailed Requirements*** Run on... more
Software Recommendation Graphic Design Automation Batch Processing


How to batch watermark JPG files?

I have around 15,000 JPG files that need to be watermarked. Is there any way to process these images *en masse* and add a watermark?The images may be different sizes, I want the watermark placed in... more
Software Recommendation Adobe Illustrator Resume Adobe Indesign


What is the best Adobe software for designing a résumé?

I have been creating my CV with Photoshop for several years now. I've heard and seen it myself, that this is not the right tool at all to design a résumé.I never used the other tools from the Adobe... more
Software Recommendation Video Production Video Recording


What is the easiest, no-frills way to produce a simple video on Windows 8?

My laptop has a camera. Since it can obviously take video of me (a la Skyping), it should be easy to create a video of myself (I am going to create a short video for a Kickstarter project).My... more


How can I record audio & video synced with another audio file?

I want to record a drum cover. I have three input sources: a camera, the output of my electronic drum kit (computer registers it as a microphone), and an existing audio file (the song). I want to... more

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