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Multiple objects spaced evenly around a circle?

I have a project where I am taking 6 different images and placing them on a circle. All of the images have duplicates (anywhere between 3 of the same image to 24). In total, I need the circle to... more
Shapes Drawing


How to draw a radially symmetric 5-pointed star?

I'm looking for a 5-pointed star that I can rotate as part of a user interface. Therefore, the center of the star should not move – otherwise, it looks strange.However, no matter where I get a 5... more

How do I change the colour of a shape in Photoshop after I've drawn it?

For some reason it seems impossible to change the colour of a rectangle I've drawn in Photoshop after I've drawn it. I can change the colour of a new one that I want to draw but once it's drawn... more


How to group a picture and a shape in Word 2013?

How to group a picture and a shape/text box in Microsoft Word 2013? I have discovered that I can't group pictures as well. Does "Group" command concerned with grouping shapes only? Are there any... more

How to subtract text from a shape in Adobe Illustrator?

I've created a rectangle, and I want to cut some text out of it, so that the text will appear as the background pattern. I expected to be able to achieve this by selecting the rectangle and the... more


How can I fill in 4, 6, 8, 9, 0 etc with writing without it ignoring the center circle?

I'm trying to enter a list of names as text into the shape of an "8", but they won't go around the center holes of the 8, meaning I'm having to try, and failing, to justify it manually.How can I... more


Filling half a shape in Illustrator?

I am still pretty new to illustrator, so I am still learning. I have a shape (pill shape) that is all white. I am trying to "fill" half of the shape with a yellow color (keeping the black stroke... more
Shapes Math Geometry


Help please ! Math proof

Given:  is a kite with  and .Prove: 
Shapes Math Geometry


Open ended, Math help Please!?

 below is an isosceles trapezoid. Diagonals and  intersect at point and _____ _____ _____ _____

How to set the rotation point and use Transform Each in Illustrator?

I have a triangle I'm trying to rotate in Illustrator using the `Object->Transform->Transform Each` command, but I can't figure out how to set the rotation point like I can if I just use... more


Photoshop: How do I edit a path once it is closed?

I have closed a path, and it now appears in my Paths pane. However, I have no idea how to go back and bring up the anchor points again in order to edit it. Having clicked on the path itself, it... more


Question about Similar shapes. Help pls!!

I have a diagram, it has a straight line parallel to the base BC of the triangle ABC meets AB and K and AC at L.i) I need to prove that triangles AKL and ABC are similarii) If KL:BC = 3:4 i need to... more


How to find the diameter of a semicircle using distance formula

This is my homework and it's confusing. Please help

What is the length of the base of a parallelogram with a height of 44mm and an area of 4048mm

i need to find the base of a parallelogram 


The side of a triangle measure 6 inches 8 inches and 10 inches the triangle has 190 angle what type of triangle is it



Finding the volume

The area of the rectangle is 56cm2. The rectangle is the base of a right prism. Find the volume of right prism if the height of the prism is x-2 cm. One long side of the rectangle is x+2 and a... more


Does a rectangle have two pairs of congruent sides

Help me my life depends on it I will be in sooooo much trouble for it just answer my question 
Shapes Math Geometry


What is a quarilateral with exactly one pair of parallel side?

Thank you so much in advance!💙


he arranges the plates to form a rectangle, what is its dimensions?

a boy has one square plate of side a cm, 5 square plate of side b cm and 6 rectangular plates of dimensions a cm *b cm. 


When two squares overlap, the overlapping proportion can be which of the following shapes?

I. Square II. Rectangle III. Circle  


How do i get the number of vertices of a grid of n hexagons?

What is the equation for finding the number of vertices in a grid on n hexagons


What is the shape of a door? P.S It is not a rectangle.

I learned a few years ago that the shape of a door is not a rectangle. What is it?
Shapes Math Algebra 1


True or False: If in triangle ABC, (AB)^2 + (BC)^2 = (AC)^2, then triangle ABC is a right triangle

It is a true or false question

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