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Drawing Pencils


Which kind of pencils should be used by a beginner for drawing?

I am curious what people would consider a basic / standard pencil type to have in their toolbox for pencil sketching.There are a ton of variants I see with different hardness/softness etc and I... more


Photoshop: How do I edit a path once it is closed?

I have closed a path, and it now appears in my Paths pane. However, I have no idea how to go back and bring up the anchor points again in order to edit it. Having clicked on the path itself, it... more

Must one have a knowledge of fine art to be a Graphic Designer? Should all Graphic Designers know how to draw?

Is it true that **nice design comes with a nice drawing?**Do designers have to know how to draw to be a good designer or not?


Using Adobe Illustrator without "hand" drawing skills?

I work on Photoshop for over 4 years for web design and user interface purposes but I'm thinking of starting learning Illustrator because most of design jobs now require illustrator skills beside... more
Drawing Crime Scene



I have a question about a crime scene I am drawing! If my scale is “one inch on the screen equals 1.00 foot” what measurements do I use on the drawing? I am using smartdraw as well. I can’t seem to... more

how i can take equal quarters of an half imperial size sheet ????

as i am an civil engineering student engineering drawing is an important subject for me i got an assignment in which i have to draw circumscribed and inscribed figures but befor drawing this i have... more

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