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Perspective Drawing


How does the distance between stationary point and picture plane effect perspective?

I want to understand **what happens** when you increase or decrease the distance between the stationary point and the picture plane? I tried drawing a border (approximately 9” x 12”) on a real... more
Perspective Drawing


Drawing in Perspective: Fit sphere into cube?

Assuming I have a cube drawn in two-point perspective (or even three-point).I'd like to draw a sphere inside the cube such that it touches all sides.A sphere becomes a circle on paper. * How do I... more
Perspective Drawing Sprite


Advice on drawing 3/4 view perspective of a vehicle?

(Reposted here under the advice of @Philipp)What is a good method to make a 3/4 view car, truck or other vehicle going around a corner?" As stated above I have a firm grasp on how to do N/S E/W... more
Perspective Language Writing Technique


Colours of ultraviolet?

I need to write something from the perspective of a character who sees colours differently from humans, and in particular can see multiple shades of ultraviolet. This isn't unique, their entire... more
Perspective Drawing


Relation between picture plane and observer in perspective?

I have some notions of geometry and I am currently trying get a full grasp of some features of perspective. I am having a hard time understanding the relation between the observer and picture plane... more
Perspective Writing Plot Fiction


How to write two seemingly different characters that are actually the same person?

I'm currently working on a book with two protagonists and switching the perspective between them. They have quite different plotlines, but actually they're the same person. English is not my first... more


Is it ok to use ~て下さりました instead of ~ていただきました?

Just to avoid repeatedly saying いただきました too much, can I occasionally switch it with 下さりました or 下さいました?

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