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Paragraph Vocabulary


Create two paragraphs of 10 lines each, using 20 vocabulary words of the list below

Theme  Ambiguous theme   A... more
Paragraph Algebra 1


how can i write a paragraph explaining

explaining 2x+5+4x=35 in the buisness world like finding the sum of a rectangle or the height of a skyscraper can some one help me please


Point of View on Following Statement: 100 - 150 words NEED BY TOMORROW

Can someone help me....WRITE A POINT OF VIEW ON THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT. Write about 100-150 words.'We should not waste money exploring outer space when so much of our own planet offers "strange... more
Paragraph English Writing Topic


Short Passage using 8 words from below list. Please help, needed for tomorrow!!

Could someone help me, please!!Write a short passage using any 8 of the following words.-----The 8 words you chose are up to you, but there is a list of 10 (pick 8)-------------------acculturation,... more


Can someone help with giving me story ideas (in dot points) related to the topic (in description)?? HELP I NEED IT BY TOMORROW :(

MAIN QUESTION: Do you agree that this story is engaging and relevant for a young reader? Can you help with a story by Kelly Stephens, "Friend for a Lifetime" (not sure if you can find it on the... more
Paragraph English Vocabulary


Can someone please help me write a 100 word paragraph/passage with the following words, please, its due?!!

These are the words (you have to pick eight, but there is more than eight so it isn't specific but only pick 8):frayed, expose, dynamic, repeal, armistice, headlines, affluence, vicinity,... more
Paragraph English Writing Help


Can someone please help me write a paragraph using the following words? need by tomorrow!!

Please write a paragraph using these words as followed;impractical, historical, reign, proficient, preserve, yield, labourer, glacierI really need this done tonight, if anyone can help me i would... more
Paragraph Vocabulary


Can someone help me with a paragraph using the words below

eyesoreFallen MonumentFallenHomerShe will marry himSidewalksClose,dank smellHigh and mightyLong strand of iron gray hairYankeepoor EmilyDustTaxesRat poison

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