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Do the idioms break the cycle and end the cycle mean the same thing?

Are the phrases break the cycle and end the cycle interchangeable? Could I replace the phrase end the cycle with break the cycle in a paper or vice versa? Or is there a fundamental difference... more
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How are the words there, their, and they're used properly?

Many children, and adults, fail to remember when to use each one. There are, however, ways to remember that I cover to keep children informed on how to learn each difference, and remember it.
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Can anyone help me in writing paragraph using these words

Any paragraph using this words :conmander muddlerelinquishopinionatedbreach brigandspredisposed
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Help me write a story using the words...

Arrogant, adversary, callous, perplex, advocate, eccentric

Can someone help me write a brief story using these word

Profiteering treasonloyalists cannonade column regimentguerillasmugglingrebelsecrecy repealpreamblearchive disguise


create a paragraph using these words

JocularMercurialinevitable Pessimistic Jocularhypocritical Daft Virtuoso aloof apathetic belligerent Flusteredfrugal
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Below are few words who appear extremly simple but have altogether very different meaning?

Broadside: it means "Verbal Attack"Aboveboard: means "Honest"Underwrite: means "Financial support"Can you please help me understand what are these called?I am aware of Homonyms and Homophones but... more


Regarding Globalization

What is Globalization? How is Globalization made possible? What are the impacts of Globalization on communication?


Can anyone make a story for me using these vocabulories please

Vocabulary Terminology


What is the word that describes someone as person who's easily forgotten by other people.

I wanted to know that one word or term for a person who's easily forgotten by other people over time.


How to expand my vocabulary?

I wanted to write something for a long time. But what I think is, in writing the choice of words plays a very significant role. From where I can learn this thing? I think I don't have enough... more
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How do I incorporate Vocabulary in my writing that I already know?

I seem to have this problem where I know a lot of words but can't always seem to think them up when I write an article or a story. I know the meaning of most of these words, but when I write, some... more
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How can I increase my Englishg vocabulary

I am frustrated because my vocabulary in my native language is so much richer than it is in English.How can I increase my English vocabulary?
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At/on (the) weekend(s)?

Which expression is better? Which is right? Why? > A. Sorry to disturb you **at weekend**. > > B. Sorry to disturb you **on weekend**. > > C. Sorry to disturb you **at... more
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Does your student struggle in understanding what they read and answering questions?

I am able to help. Over the years, I have assisted students in understanding their schoolwork, promoting correct pronunciation when reading aloud, and working on vocabulary-building, reading... more


Can anyone help me write a story with these words in it

AbjureConvolutedWinsome BemuseInsurgentIndignantQuixoticRanconteurTrifleFrugalTenaciousAdulation Rancorous


Can anyone help me write a story with these words in it

AbjureConvolutedWinsome BemuseInsurgentIndignantQuixoticRanconteurTrifleFrugalTenaciousAdulation Rancorous


What does "didactic" mean and how does it apply to tutors or teachers?

Didactic has several meanings, both positive and negative. It can apply to the best or worst characteristics of a teacher.
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Redouble, double, or double again?

I have seen double and double again a lot. Redouble, not so much.I found out that redouble can mean to double again, to double, or in general to intensify whether that is double, triple, quintuple,... more


How to write a story without losing your way.

I have written over the years maybe 30 different stories. I've finished about 10 shot stories. But the larger stories I try to produce I lose my way and it crumbles. I never know where to go, or... more


ならば vs なら. both are totally interchangeable without affecting the nuance of the sentence?

is it true that なら is merely a short form of ならば and as such, both are totally interchangeable without affecting the nuance of the sentence? Also, a second question is is ならば more "formal" than... more


Vocabolo italiano per "trading"?

Qualcuno sa dirmi una parola italiana per "trading", inteso come compravendita/scambio di strumenti finanziari.Per esempio, in espressioni come *trading platform*, *trading commissions*, e cos via.... more


Write a story with these words;

Genesis progenitorgenericgenreprogenygenetichydrogenregenerate


How does one build a college-level reading vocabulary?

Mostly by memorization, but their are learning devices that help speed the process.

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