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Why is counting election totals more difficult than lottery administration?

This *may* seem like a rant. But I will show a few point of similarity which will show that it is an actual question. First, states administer lotteries. Just as states administer both state and... more

I'm trying to calculate the probability of winning powerball.

Using conditional probability without replacement I find that the chance of getting 5 white balls (69 uniquely labeled balls in total) correct is 1/1348621560. The problem is when I use binomial... more


Find the present value of lottery prize

if you won the lottery that paid $5000 each year for the next 10 years and interest rates were 9% compounded annually, what would be the present value of your prize


gives 11/20 of his winnings, 6/25 , 1/10. Can he do this if he wants to keep twelve percent for himself?

 Clarence gives Jayquan 11/20  of his winnings, Roman 6/25  of his winnings, and KErin 1/10 of his winnings. Can he do this if he wants to keep 12% for himself

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