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I'm trying to calculate the probability of winning powerball.

Using conditional probability without replacement I find that the chance of getting 5 white balls (69 uniquely labeled balls in total) correct is 1/1348621560. The problem is when I use binomial... more


Find the present value of lottery prize

if you won the lottery that paid $5000 each year for the next 10 years and interest rates were 9% compounded annually, what would be the present value of your prize


gives 11/20 of his winnings, 6/25 , 1/10. Can he do this if he wants to keep twelve percent for himself?

 Clarence gives Jayquan 11/20  of his winnings, Roman 6/25  of his winnings, and KErin 1/10 of his winnings. Can he do this if he wants to keep 12% for himself

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