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If Melbourne has coordinates (37° S,145° E)

write down the coordinates of the location which is 4° due east of Melbourne.


Christos is travelling by plane from Sydney to Athens to visit his family.

a) He leaves Sydney at 1:10 p.m. on Tuesday and he arrives in Athens at 8:45 am Wednesday Sydney Time. How long was the journey in hours and minutes?b) What is the local time in Athens when... more

Islam Religion (Influence)

How is Islam influenced by culture, social, and political


How do historians know the details of a seemingly private event?

Sometimes I read in history that someone said something, but it seems, it's just a daily conversation, or even in private, or a secret event. So how do history writers know these details? It seems... more


How many officers on board Type VII-C U-boat?

As the topic states I am curious of how many offiers were on board a type VII-C U-boat during WW2. I know the crew size was typically 42 to 48, but what was the breakdown of the crew? Bonus points... more


Have there ever been any instances of complete (or almost) world peace?

I'm now 55, and although I've never lived through a World War, there have been numerous major conflicts in my lifetime - Cold War, 'troubles' in Northern Ireland, Gulf War 1 and 2. Has there ever... more


World War I Britain supplies cut?

I was watching a documentary regarding World War I and one of the things that was depicted was how the commercial trade was cut off from Germany by England blocking the sea which resulted in... more

Why America waged war against Vietnam?

First of all I am non American so I am novice in American History ( thats why raising very basic Question ). I am looking to google for it but everything is too descriptive. If anybody know very... more


What is the Gulf Stream?

What is the historical reason for 18 years being the most commonly accepted age of adulthood?

Most countries define the age of adulthood at 18 years. Why is this? Was there some historical precedent set in ancient Rome/Greece or something like that? Why 18 years and not some "nicer" number... more

Historical, academic explanations for the near-universal second-class citizenship of women?

I just heard on the news that, in 70 countries, girls face risks by simply going to school and being girls. How did women come to be second-class citizens throughout the world? Are there any... more

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