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Did the Bill of Rights apply to slaves?

In the pre-Antebellum particularly during the 1850's did slaves and free blacks have rights? Or even citizenship perhaps?

How were interracial relationships between African-Americans and Latinos treated in Southern states before the Loving decision?

There are two states in the American south that historically had large numbers of both African-Americans and Latinos, as well as laws banning marriage between black people and white people: Texas... more


How did desegregation affect the jobs of black school teachers in the South?

With an end to school segregation decreed for the South, Negro teachers there are coming up against a real question. It is this: Can they look to the Northern states for teaching jobs if these are... more


How successful (or not) was the Civil Rights Act of 1964 concerning employment discrimination?

How successful was this subsection of the Act, how did it affect public opinion, and how effective was it at curbing racism in employment compared to the actual Civil Rights Movement and time?... more


Was violent or nonviolent protest more effective in the context of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement?

Was violent or nonviolent protest more effective in the context of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement? It seems like a simple question, but on further examination it is a challenge to discern. The... more
Civil Rights


What is the theme of each stanza in the song "Only a Pawn in Their Game" by Bob Dlyan

The questions has to be the theme of all five stanza and there needs to be some evidence to back up your claim.  Here is an outline that might help you out.   Staza 1Evidence Stanza 2Evidence... more

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