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Evolution Biology


I need help with an excel assighnment

Hello Wyzant tutors, I am in an evolution class and we were assigned an assignment involving excel and gene frequencies. I'm not sure how to do the excel part due to the lack of instruction and my... more


how did certain plants and animals' bodies know how to adapt to their surroundings to survive?

for example, plants growing fruits and vegetables, moths and butterflies evolving over time and their wings getting certain patterns that drive off predators, so basically, how was their body able... more

Are animals descended from euglenoids or protozoans , if we take into account the phylogeny ?

Euglenoids shows connecting link between plants and animals and protozoans themselves are animal like protists , from whom did animals descended from ?
Evolution Biology


If evolution is true why are there still monkeys?

Important concepts to answer this question:What are mutations and what are the implications of them?What is selection and how does it act on mutations?What is a species and how doe new species arise?
Evolution Science Biology Marine


Help please?! Open ended... Natural Selection sceanario

Over the past several years, Abalone has come into style for making jewelry, and have therefore been over harvested. As the population of abalones declined, so did the sea stars that eat them.... more


DDT and insects

DDT was once considered a ‘silver bullet’ that would permanently eradicate insect pests. Today, instead, DDT is largely useless against many insects. Describe in specific scientific terms, applying... more


Why have humans evolved much more quickly than other animals?

Humans have, in a relatively short amount of time, evolved from apes on the African plains to upright brainiacs with nukes, computers, and space travel. Meanwhile, a lion is still a lion and a... more

Is scalable growth the main reason why Darwinian systems select Fibonacci sequences?

The other day I was thinking about evolution of multi-cellular organisms, and why from the earliest onset of the development of communal cellular structure building, life may have selected a... more


Are there any multicellular forms of life which exist without consuming other forms of life in some manner?

The title is the question. If additional specificity is needed I will add clarification here.Are there any multicellular forms of life which exist without requiring the consumption (destruction) of... more


Are humans the only species who drink milk as adults?

I was drinking a glass of milk the other day and that got me thinking that no other animal to my knowledge drinks milk past their infant stages. One could argue that cats might but it isn't good... more


How did viruses learn to utilize the workings of a cell?

This is my first post here, so excuse me for its simplicity.Viruses can infiltrate a cell, overtake it and multiply. It has projecting fibers whose ends are shaped as kind of a "key" to a mobile... more


Why did Fair Meiosis evolve?

How and why did Fair Meiosis evolve? I can hardly think that it provided a fitness advantage to the individual carrying the mutation. Why would it? Or did it evolve through lineage selection? Or... more


Why do plants have green leaves and not red?

I know plants are green due to chlorophyll. Surely it would be more beneficial for plants to be red than green as by being green they reflect green light and do not absorb it even though green... more

why is AUG the initiation codon?

Is there any reason why AUG is the initiation codon ?Why is there a need for an initiation codon ? Can't translation start with different codons?


Why is polyploidy much more common in plants than in animals?

There are very few animals with polyploidy like salamanders. Why is it that polyploidy is so uncommon in animals? On the other hand there are numerous examples of polyploid plants. If ut something... more


Is it known how the first viruses formed?

[The oldest known virus](http://www.livescience.com/16015-oldest-viruses-insects.html) is known to have infected prehistoric insects 300 million years ago. A virus is basically a parasitic strand... more
Evolution Genetics Eyes


How can fruit flies and mice share the same gene that says to build an eye if they evolved separately?

I saw a documentary where they inserted the gene of a mouse that basically is the starting "build an eye" command into a fruit fly, and a fruit fly eye grew. My question is, if eyes of different... more


Height and natural selection in humans?

I watched the documentary "Evolve" recently and in the segment on "size" Scott V. Edwards, Harvard evolutionary biologist mentioned the idea that humans might evolve to be 7' tall in 'hundreds of... more

Why do we have five fingers?

Humans (and other humanoid mammals) have five fingers in each hand. Curious to know, why five? Wouldn't more fingers be more useful? Is there any evidence that it used to be different and natural... more


Why is the strength of genetic drift inversely proportional to the population size?

I saw a concept on the Internet that says "the strength of genetic drift is inversely proportional to the population size". I don't know why they are **inversely proportional**? Can somebody... more
Evolution Genetics


Why would lethal genes evolve?

I've been reading through 'The Selfish Gene' by Dawkins. At a few places in the book he states that incest is damaging because it would give a very high chance of lethal recessive genes becoming... more


Randomness in living systems?

The point of my question is not to talk about events that are uncontrolled by living organisms. My question is about controlled randomness, or I'd like to say adaptive random process. Process that... more


How did the cardiovascular system evolve?

How has evolution created our blood, lungs and the heart?We can't exist without blood, which transports the oxygen to all areas of our body. However, the blood needs a lung, which gives it the... more
Evolution Genetics


How can the number of genes increase through evolution?

I am aware of the basics of evolutionary theory, however I don't understand how mutations can add genes over time. Am I correct in thinking that creatures within the same species who mutate to have... more


Human evolution: Where *exactly* did the first human come from, whose parents were not?

Layman here. So I have never really quite understood this facet of human evolution, (or any other for that matter), in that, I understand the evolutionary process, but I get lost on the 'border'... more

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