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what is the best way for a 7th grader to study for a spelling test?

What is the best way for a 7th grader to study for a spelling test with letter combinations that are difficult to keep in order such as "believe" "thirtieth", "lieutenant",  "maneuver" and "precipitation"?

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Tanya M. | Elementary Teacher and TutorElementary Teacher and Tutor
Another aspect that can help with spelling is to look at the word parts (morphology) because many times there are patterns that are followed that will help with spelling.  Syllabication rules can also help with spelling, this allows you to think about the spelling within each syllable so that you can chunk it and make it easier. Hope this helps.
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Something that always worked for my students was triangle spelling. It helps you visualize writing the word. So for the word believe, you would write each of the following lines:
Also, memorizing spelling rules helps. It appears your words are following the pattern of ie or "i before e" and you can use the rhyme "i before e, except after c or sounding like 'a' and in neighbor and weigh"
Hope that helps!
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Repeated practice. Copying out the words. Having an older sibling or parent quiz them, in random order.
"Practice makes perfect--if it's perfect practice."  Memorization follows repetition.  Extensive reading (BOOKS) enhances language ability & needs to be stressed.  Get off the 'social media devices.'