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Need help with the sentence structure for my pitch, thanks!?

Back story: I am to give a 3 minute pitch on a task i worked on. I would like to something like, "**As a general knowledge, we know that smartphones are dominated by IOS and android. Which is why... more


Is this slogan grammatically correct?

I've been wanting to use a slogan but I don't know if it makes sense. The slogan is: *Never forget 2013, the year of great elation.* It sounds okay but someone told me that I need to rewrite it... more


I says' in spoken English?

Is it popular to use 'I says' in conversations in spoken English? Especially when we talk about the past in the present. - "Hey, John do you remember Linda?" - "Yeh" - "We were talking... more


What's the origin of the second-person 'we'?

I've often heard the phrase ***what do we have here*** to mean ***what do you have***. And also, recently, I've heard a teacher ask one of his students struggling with an assignment: ***do we have... more
Speech Esl/esol Meaning


What does "I’ll show you to [somewhere]" mean?

I read a dialogue in English and saw a strange phrase. >A: Good afternoon. May I help you? >B: Yes, I’m here to see Joanna Stevens. I have an appointment at four. >... >... >A:... more


How to write out dates correctly?

I have a document dated 05/05/2012. What should I say? > * Based on the document from 05 May. * Based on the document from 5th May. * Based on the document from 05 of May.


Why do some questions not start with an auxiliary verb?

When I learned English, my teachers told me that all questions **must** have an auxiliary verb at the beginning, just like *Are you mad?* or *Is she playing?* do. But when watching some movies or... more
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How should one say times aloud in 24-hour notation?

A couple years ago, I switched all my personal clocks 24-hour notation. I live in the US, and 24-hour time is used very, very rarely. So, I haven't been able to listen to anyone say times... more

How do you quote a quotation that itself has mismatched quotes?

Suppose that Eve said (in spoken English) > An apple a day keeps the doctor away, unquote. Also isn't Eve such a > great person? Like my mom always said quote Eve is the best person... more

How would you say "0.4 - 1g?"?

Assuming I don't want to say "zero point four grams to one gram," would it be: "zero point four to one gram" or "zero point four to one gram**s**" or neither? I'm leaning towards the second... more

N or AND in pronunciation?

Can I say I like apples n pears?


What are some exercises I can perform to reduce my accent?

Is www an abbreviation?

The initialism ["www" means "world wide web"][mw]. The common definition of an initialism is that it is an abbreviation, formed by using the first letter of each word. According to most... more
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How to break direct speech into two parts right?

This is what I'm writing: > "Let's go," she says, "before it's too late." Should I do this instead ("B" is capital): > "Let's go," she says, "Before it's too late." Which one is right?


What is it called when some pronounces their “t” sharply?

What is it called when people pronounce their "t" sounds so sharply that it sounds like the sound "eh" comes after the "t" sound? So the "t" sound sounds like "teh" with a big emphasis on the "eh"... more

Whimsy or Whimsicality?

When would I use the word "Whimsicality" over "Whimsy"? The definitions I've read do not draw a distinction between the two.

Usage of would (would have to be - if/ would)?

I was watching this show, and the actors used *would* in 2 scenarios. The first, they were talking about their weirdest experience in the past, and one of the actors said: "the weirdest... more


How do you pronounce words with the letter d?

I'm foreign and this causes me a lot of trouble. Sometimes the 'd' is pronounced normally [d], for example - done, but sometimes it's pronounced as [dʒ], for example - dream. How should I pronounce... more

Anytime' and 'ever'?

Actually I am a non native English speaker, of course I may come across many confusion but I don't care of those much,but curious some times to know about the things. I know the meaning of 'Ever'... more


What is the formal way to say “a bit”?

What is the formal way to say *a bit* in an essay, for example, in the sentence beginning “It is **a bit** different from”? Is *a little* formal enough?


Correct usage of SIC to express verbatim statements expressed vocally?

Taken literally, *sic erat scriptum* would imply that "[SIC]" is to be used only when expressing a written statement.


Is "the way how" grammatically incorrect?

(I am not a native speaker so my writing probably seems to be odd. Please understand some Non-grammar...) I learned that "the way how" is grammatically wrong because 'the way' and 'how' have same... more
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Which one sounds correct?

I got this question from a book. "My friend lives in a nearby Street (whose name) I have forgotten." In my opinion"we use Whose with living beings but my book suggests answer should be (which name).

Vowel shift in Michigan accent?

I’ve spent a fair amount of time in Michigan because my grandparents live there. By today’s standards, they have very heavy accents, with full Canadian raising and the northern cities vowel shift.... more


“kinda”, “sorta”, “coulda”, “shoulda”, “lotta”, “oughta”, “betcha”, "tseasy" etc. What are these?

In linguistics, is there a term describing this phenomenon, i.e., when the syllables of two words are slurred together in the spoken language? **They are not contractions.** While contractions are... more

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