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Why is most North American speech rhotic?

Most North American speech is rhotic—why is that? Does it come from the early English settlers or perhaps from the Irish settlers?
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Contraction "-'dn't" from formal English "would not"?

Can "wouldn't" be reduced to the clitic **-'dn't** when attached to any other pronoun besides *y'all*, such as *she'dn't* or *you'dn't*? (Appearing for example in "*y'all'dn't've*" from formal... more
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N or AND in pronunciation?

Can I say I like apples n pears?
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What is it called when words are deliberately spelled incorrectly but pronunciation is kept unchanged?

For example, > Night -> Nite > Through -> Thru > The -> Da > Though -> Tho _Nite_ even appears in some dictionaries as having the same meaning as _night_.What is it called... more

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