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MS Outlook problems

I use Office 365, and I have had many problems with Outlook email and contact functions. Most immediate is unable to send email to one contact. As soon as I put that contact into the TO field, It... more
Email Writing Style


What is the correct usage of "P.S." in Emails?

I've been wondering this for a while. What is the correct usage of "P.S." in e-mails? Where should and shouldn't it be used?

How to write a cover letter for The New Yorker fiction section?

What should a cover letter for a short story contain? Do I need to tell what is it about, try to "sell" it? Should I write about myself?

tsql to export and attach SSRS report to email?

I don't think there's an easy way to do this, but here goes. We have an `SSRS` report that can be invoked with `http://MyServer/ReportServer/Pages/ReportViewer.aspx?%2fSales%2fSalesReport` We... more

How do I write a proper cover letter?

I'm an engineer with a fair knowledge of the English language. I can converse with people in English and write as well, but now I'm interested in learning to write cover letters and blogs. I see... more


How do I tell MS Word to email using GMail and NOT Outlook?

When you have a document open and select Send, Email as attachment, MS Word defaults to Outlook. I have not used Outlook for a long time and I have changed all my default email clients to be GMail.... more


Thanks for.. ' or 'I thank you for...'?

I was wondering if the expression "I thank you for your answer" isn't nicer than " Thank you for your answer". For comparison, saying "I thank you" in French is nicer because the person who says... more


In a professional email you need to quote something from a document. The document's creator is unknown. How do you write this?

This is in a professional email. I need to quote something but it's unknown who wrote the text. I'm quoting from a document that was sent to the person that I'm writing the email to. I need to... more


When is it acceptable to use Internet abbreviations such as “u” or “r”?

In my business communication over Internet text messengers, for example Google Talk or Skype, I see that many people often use shorten words like _u_ instead of _you_, _r_ instead of _are_ and the... more

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